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Weathered Sea Captain

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My brain continues to go buck-wild for more Linebeck AU ideas.

I was mucking around with an old Linebeck design for my Bellumbeck AU, many years after the plot of Phantom Hourglass and leading into the plot of Spirit Tracks! 

Current Backstory:
After the events of Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck's courage grows more as the years go by. He continues to sail the seas for treasure, and sometimes gets into pirate skirmishes for it. One of those skirmishes led to a nasty wound that runs along Linebeck's body, and goes up across his eye. With the wicked power of Bellum still inside him, Linebeck substantially recovers at the cost of his right eye permanently in that cursed state. Linebeck tends to cover that eye with an eyepatch, in fear of others learning about the curse he bears.

He eventually settles down in New Hyrule, all while going on the occasional adventure for treasure to provide for his family. During these travels, Linebeck writes dozens of letters back home detailing his adventures and some cryptic messages leading to buried treasure he left. 

Of course by the time Spirit Tracks takes place, he has passed away. RIP legend.

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Linebeck © Nintendo

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DAMN he aged well :heart:

I really love the idea of him still having some residual powers leftover form Bellum *w*

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My Bellumbeck AU revolves around that idea a LOT, it's interesting to theorize how Linebeck would cope with that information! >:)

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Ph yesss, I can see a lot of angst potential and good character study for him involving that concept, like he'd feel disgusted but eventually start to come to accept it and his own strength in surviving the experience

...um, I ramble sorry ^^;

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Mmm I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes to think Linebeck finds his bravery with age X'D I adore how he looks here. And the AU idea of the power of Bellum stuck with him is really interesting too. Awesome work! :heart:

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Yeah! I feel like after the events of Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck finds his courage and continues to grow in that regards. He has aged like a fine wine, I guess that's the pirate life for ya!

Ahh yeah I've been working a lot on this Bellumbeck AU! It's so fun exploring ideas based on it hehe >:D