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I’ve been playing the Miitopia demo a little TOO much. 

My current campaign uses the old mystery mag hosts Cain and Abel, alongside their twin sisters Aclima and Jumella that debuted in The Dreaming comic. It’s been one hell of a campaign, I can say that much.

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wolfjmkHobbyist Traditional Artist
XD I have Thadues the Chief and Peter the Cat on one of my teams lol
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Oh jeez, that sounds like a wild team so far! My main team is overpowered as all hell, currently sitting at level 44, but then again I spend most of my time grinding for loot and EXP. I'm gonna 100% my game eventually! :'D

Cain is my chef, Abel is my cleric, Aclima is my thief, and Jumella is my pop star! They're honestly the best team in terms of their abilities, and with some super high friendship levels they truly are my harbingers of death!
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wolfjmkHobbyist Traditional Artist
XD I've been so busy. I've only lost my second team lol. (I'm just starting were you unlock the tank, flower and princess outfit.)
I'm loving this game though. I even tossed in my oc from my W.o.l.f story (Bec w.o.l.f). lol
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Oh my god you're still at that part!! You're gonna be in for a real shocker once you get to the good parts of the story.
Also I made the Dark Lord myself in the game. The hair was the big kicker, and also all of my college buds won't stop comparing me to him. It was Too Perfect™. :'D

I'm ashamed to say I've beaten the game, and currently doing post-story quests. I'm 57% into the achievements, and I still have so much more to do. Nintendo did an amazing job with this game in terms of everything. It's a flawless game in my books!
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wolfjmkHobbyist Traditional Artist
XD don't be ashamed. I most likly would have been to if it wasn't for work and other random stuff. XD Lol

:3 Anyways. Like always love your art.