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Linebeck III Redesign

By davidbecile
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Not my usual kind of concept design posts on here, but the final version without the reference material felt so empty! I just have to show this version off.

While I do love Linebeck III in Spirit Tracks, I feel like Nintendo really got lazy with his design. So, I went and redesigned him, making him still look similar to the original Linebeck yet still be his own character.

I used a variety of source material, namely official art and assets of Linebeck III from Spirit Tracks, beta and final Linebeck from Phantom Hourglass, and some old-ish redesign work from 2019 after I played Spirit Tracks for the first time. Letting the idea sit for over a year definitely helped with refining the final design!

Artwork © davidbecile

Linebeck III © Nintendo

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I agree, the design for Linebeck III was...lazy X'D But it does open up a lot of ideas to what Linebeck's life was after PH. It just means it's canon that he had a son and grandson at minimum to me rofl XD Your redesign makes a lot of sense though and I love that he looks more uniquely himself, rather than just Linebeck with a sailor hat on XD

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Linebeck is a goddamn CHAD he canonically gets laid, I love it! :'D

Yeaaahhh I know Nintendo can do better with Linebeck III and I'm so disappointed they didn't do more! Have to everything in the Linebeck department smh