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Hi, my name is David Barr Kirtley, and I'm an author. My short fiction appears in magazines such as Realms of Fantasy and Weird Tales, in anthologies such as Fantasy: The Best of the Year, New Voices in Science Fiction, and The Living Dead, and on podcasts such as Escape Pod and Pseudopod.

I also draw a bit, as you can see.

It's always a big thrill for me to get fan art for one of my stories. (One terrific example is Jandan's illustration for my short story "The Skull-Faced Boy," which is how I found out about deviantART. See it here:…) If anyone on this site wants to do a piece based on something I wrote, be sure to let me know. I'll post your work on my blog, which gets a fair amount of traffic these days, including a lot of people I know who work in fantasy/science fiction publishing.

My website is at, where you can read several of my stories for free. Thanks!
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