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Phoenix Tattoo

 The Phoenix tattoo by orioncreatives  With permission, I borrowed this image (pretty isn't it?), and altered it for my own purposes.

As soon as I can gather the funds I intend on this becoming my next ink on the inside of my forearm.

It symbolises not only my support for and participation in equality rights for all people, but also the journey of repeated destruction and rebirth in my life while wrestling with PTSD and other trauma related issues, as well as my chronic pain issues.

It's going to be added under and around my Nintai tattoo, so that together, the phoenix, the semi-colon and the Nintai, will remind me that I will always go through a rebirth after a breakdown, that I am "more durable than vulnerable", that I choose very deliberately be alive, and that actually, I am a great deal stronger than I think I am, so therefore I can do anything if I just keep going.

It might a while before it comes to reality because the size of this will need to be probably worth a couple of hundred dollars, and finances are still way too low for a lot of stuff. But, I might ask my family if they'll pay for it as my birthday-Christmas present. :)
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This is beautiful and just a perfect idea for a tattoo. I have an equality tattoo on my right arm, i know its not the same of what you are trying to say here, but i do believe in equal rights and i am someone that went through a lot of depression. So i understand this tattoo a lot. I am almost jealous, i am getting a phoneix on my ribs to symbolize my rebirth from the constant pain i go through. A+ my friend, A+

Also, the way you put the colours with just the right amount per each made a lot of sense to me, so thats another to me
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Goodness me! Thank you! :blush:
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Anytime !! Nice work
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Sounds beautiful! It will look awesome in colour like that.