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New picture of moi

A friend changed her hair and I liked the look of it so I tried it too. I really like the new look, and the hair is oddly easier to deal with and is so much lighter with the sides mostly shaved.
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Sep 5, 2015, 4:13:33 PM
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Your new hair looks amazing! It suits you so well.
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FIRST OF ALL SEMI UNRELATED: the "more like this!" feature is currently showing me lascivious "selfies" of butts, boobies, and other things, I'm like WHOA THERE!  THAT'S NOT ACCURATE!

Because (related): very nice haircut and color, I LoooOOOOve it!  Also nice to see your pretty face <333 HI!! 
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I'm seeing luscious bums and cleavage too, so I might change the tags... lol

Thank you! I like the cut. I might keep it up actually because it feels really good. :)

<3 :tighthug:
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Ooh I bet. :D  Looks so comfy. 
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Ooooooh I like that! I've been super curious about the side-cut, and I like the look of it on you.
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:heart: Thank you, sweetie. It's surprisingly light. I like it a lot. Though I might make the colour more interesting when it fades out fully. :hug:
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Intense, fire-engine red?
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I've done super red. I suppose I could go back to that. I don't know. Green? Bright purple? I'm not sure. Something fun, anyway. :)
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:-) It's a cute, sort of edgy look...!
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I really like it. Thank you. :) :heart:
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Why... hello there my beautiful friend! :aww: You have such a warm gaze and the slight smile... awww... :hug:
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