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Amigurumi Owl

A very dear friend of mine is having a bit of a hard time of it, and she found this pattern online and posted on facebook that she wished desperately that she could make it, but didn't know how to crochet.

(Here's the pattern link:…)

And, while I really find the tightness of the amigurumi method of making plushies very very hard because  the tension is really tight so it's tough on my hands, and I just can't keep up with the necessary counting of stitches, so I have to use stitch tags and count the stitches in each round, which is very irritating... Amigurumi is in fact so difficult for me that this is the first big project I've not screwed up so many times and given up on, so yay me for persistence... I persevered because I wanted to give my friend a smile.

Considering this is officially the second only successful finish of an amigurumi pattern, and that this pattern is considered an intermediate one and not a beginners like the little jelly fish I did ages back, I think I did pretty well. I didn't have the right eyes, so these buttons were too big, and I made a mistake with the dark brown top bit so the entire back section of him is slightly crooked (by only like three lines but it's enough to create a crooked butt), and I don't know why but every single plushy I've ever created always has a head that drifts slightly to the side... weird, I know. But, despite the flaws, I really liked him. I hope his new person likes him too.

It was about 25 hours of work (five evenings), and I had a bad inflammation day in my hands in the middle (which is probably why the bum is crooked), so it was hard going for much of the week. But worth it.
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Awww... this little guy is ADORABLE! And certainly well done!
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<3 Thank you. It was lovely to see him finally finished. :)
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Also, sorry about the quality of photo. I have lost the cable for the fancy camera, so I had to use the new cell, and the focus seems to be off.