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The Perseus Project is part of CHRONICLE, a Star Trek fan series.  Taking place roughly three decades after the Dominion War, when the Federation has become the overwhelmingly dominant power of the Alpha Quadrant, especially after the supernova that destroyed Romulus and Remus, taking out the heart of the Romulan Star Empire.

Or so it seems.  In fact all the so-called "Alpha Quadrant Powers" lie within the Orion Arm of the galaxy, fully 5k lightyears from the (much larger) Perseus Arm, and thus years away at Warp Nine.  The Visionary-class, designed and built under the auspices of the Perseus Project, have the first feasible slipstream drive in Starfleet history.  It can only operate approximately fifty minutes at a time, reaching the equivalent of Warp 56 (old scale), before its dedicated computer core must be reset--a process that takes about 48 hours.

But in fact the Perseus Arm contains a few nasty surprises for those officers and crew going there.  Not nasty in terms of another Borg Collective or an empire that makes Klingons look like a chess club, but an ethical challenge coming from someone who sees them as ruthless fanatics lacking any kind of genuine moral compass.

More disturbingly, they have a point.
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