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Lt. (SG) Andros Azurian USS TERRA NOVA

By David-Zahir
A bit of backstory for CHRONICLE...

In 2373, USS TERRA NOVA went into battle and the entire senior staff killed.  The warp core had to be ejected.  One nacelle was destroyed.  Lieutenant (SG) Andros Azurian ended up in command, and he ordered "Abandon Ship."  In order prevent the ship from being captured, he tried to set up the auto-self destruct.  It wasn't working.  He gave orders to have crew members set the scuttling charges.  He himself did not go and try to set them, but helped others to escape pods.  He said he gave specific orders to an Ensign (who did not survive) to set the charges, but there is no record of same.  USS PERSEPHONE came and picked up the pods, and destroyed the now-derelict ship.  Since this was in the midst of battle, she took some casualties along the way.

Lt. Azurian faced a court martial, cashiered on the sole charge that he did not personally go and set the scuttling charges even though that was in theory feasible.  On his homeworld, the Earth colony Omega Capricorni VI, he was seen as a scapegoat, railroaded out of the service.  Some in Star Fleet agreed.

Others, especially those of a warrior-based culture such as the Andorians, thought he got off easy.

No records exist of how the members of the Tribunal voted.

When Andros' daughter Athena Roxanne decided to join Starfleet rather than stay home and work on terraforming their colony, many saw her as a traitor.  At the Academy, she met Cadet V'nell, granddaughter of Captain Skovaan.  Upon graduation, the two served together on the USS WITCH OF ENDOR as part of the Perseus Project.
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I feel bad for him. :(
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