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LCARS Omega Capricorni VI by David-Zahir LCARS Omega Capricorni VI by David-Zahir
This colony is the homeworld of two Starfleet officers, Lt. (SG) Andros Azurian and decades later his daughter, exobiologist Ensign Athena R. Azurian.

I was imagining the Transbalkans as a blend of Greeks, Albanians, Bulgarians, etc. who more-or-less survived WWIII by banding together.  This habit continued even after First Contact, and they kept their identity even while welcoming all the benefits of a United Earth and later the Federation.  Nevertheless a sizable number quite liked the idea of a world of their own, and this one--800 light years from Earth--seemed a good choice.  They are not an isolationist or xenophobic group particularly, but they are rather private.

Some might find it upsetting, but in my mind they retain a version of the Orthodox faith, one as different as the Church is today from that five hundred years ago.  

Omega Capricorni VI itself is on the dry side, with no moon hence no real tides.  Native life, with the exception of some lichen and such, is entirely in the oceans.  Colonists have centered their efforts around a lifeless inland sea, and are very slowly, very carefully increasing the oxygen in the atmosphere and developing versions of terrestrial biology compatible with what already exists here.  Such a challenge has attracted some top-notch terraforming experts from all over the Federation, some of whom have stayed.
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