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File on Vulcan colony FA-DO-FAR



The homeworld of Ensign V'nell.
Settled prior to the Time of Awakening, the Fadofar'a (as they are called) have a reputation among Vulcans as the equivalent of eccentrics and/or the equivalent of bohemians.  They are less ritual-driven, for example.  Outsiders don't really see this.  
The business of blood types is my head canon to explain away Spock's comment in Star Trek (2009) that so few Vulcans were left alive.  If technically the Fadofar'a could be viewed as a subspecies, then his words can be considered technically true even if there are over a hundred million Vulcans on this colony.
I am basing the timeline on what we learned most from ENT, about the Time of Awakening and events surrounding it.  We know "Those Who March Under the Raptor's Wing" fled Vulcan a la Khan in the Botany Bay, but on a much larger scale.  Given Vulcan lifespans, relatively long journeys would not give them so much pause.  But it meant some kind of infrastructure existed for such at the Time of Awakening and yet Vulcan lost it all not long after--I presume in some kind of economic/societal collapse.  Keep in mind the 1500 years Soval mentioned as Vulcans took before going into space once more would be only seven Vulcan lifetimes.  Makes things simpler is followers of Surak did indeed go to Fa-do-far and so when re-union happened it wasn't such a huge shock to the system for either world.  
Comments very welcome!
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I'm not entirely comfortable with gradient shading in LCARS elements, as it detracts from the simplicity of the flat UI design intended by Mike Okuda and Doug Drexler.

Also, a more appropriate font closer to TNG-era canon would be Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed or Helvetica Ultra Compressed.