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Omega Capricorni VI is barely habitable, requiring generations of terraforming so far and many more to follow.  Even during the Dominion War only a few colonists joined up.  After Andros Azurian was put on trial when an attack half destroyed a cruiser and left him in command, during which he ordered "abandon ship," no one else did until Athena. He was dishonorably discharged, with many in Star Fleet feeling he was rail-roaded and others feeling he got off way too easy.  Athena's own wanderlust made her dream of leaving her home, coupled with a hope to rekindle the honor of her family name.  To many, however, her choice was desertion.

A brilliant scientist, Athena won high academic marks all around.  However, some of her instructors thought such an unconventional way of thinking might prove problematic. 

She was roommate for a time with V'nell and the two of them actually made a good team when paired together.

No one calls Athena by her middle name.  Not yet.  Some one will, though.
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