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Retired instructor of business communication, freshman composition, and technical writing; freelance editor; amateur flutist; amateur artist; occassional cosplayer; fan of Marie de France (gave several papers on her at medieval conferences); head often in the stars: fan of space exploration, astrophysics, astrobiology, sci-fi, anything to do with Mars (science, science fiction, and fantasy), and of looking through my telescope; bibliophile; world citizen (lived in three countries, travelled to many others); Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

By downloading and using my stock, you are agreeing to abide by my terms of use below. Failing to follow my terms will result in me requiring that you remove my stock from your art. My stock does NOT belong in the public domain; you must use them to create works that are significant derivatives for any commercial work; that is, more than just some color changes, effects, filters, minor edits, touch ups, etc. WORK MUST BE A SIGNIFICANT DERIVATIVE/MODIFICATION Create new art: You must do more than just some border additions, color/hue changes, cropping, effects, filters, minor edits, object removal, touch ups, etc. In addition, you must follow the restrictions listed below. Exception: You can also post practice work as I want to encourage practicing your art, including drawings or paintings that are exact copies; however, you cannot sell them and you must credit using my stock in your practice. For any commercial work, there must be significant derivative/significant modifications.
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An updated part of my AI Art: Many Issues... post: Glaze can protect your art from AI mimicry": https://glaze.cs.uchicago.edu/downloads.html. The University of Chicago scientists recently developed another tool, called Nightshade, that messes up training data in ways that could cause serious damage to image-generating AI models: https://nightshade.cs.uchicago.edu/downloads.html. Detecting AI Art: There are tools for detecting AI-generated art. Hive Moderation's Hive AI Detector detectsAI-generated art and AI-generated text and has a Chrome extension: https://hivemoderation.com/ai-generated-content-detection. This program can even tell which AI generating program was used to create the image. This program is the second most accurate (90% for raw and edited images) as reported by chatonai.org. Optic's AI or Not has a free tier (pricing plans cover more AI checks) for their AI-generated content detction tool: https://www.aiornot.com/. This program is the second most accurate (80%
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[Updated 20 January 2024] Many artists use AI, and have done so for decades: Photoshop uses AI to give recommendations, power Neural Filters (such as the Sky Replacement feature), one-click actions, etc. In 2020, Adobe boasted on its Adobe Blog that Photoshop was "Now the world's most advanced AI application for creatives" (20 October 2020 blog post by Pam Clark). Most digital art tools use AI: to denoise, upscale, create CGI (computer-generated imagery), convert video to different styles, remove red-eye, remove or change backgrounds, etc. These programs are used by people all the time, to create accepted art. However, AI art goes far beyond already (mostly) accepted digital tools: Because it goes much further than already (mostly) accepted tools that help us create or help us enhance our art, it is disruptive—it is a major change. Usually, the bigger the change, the stronger the resistance. While we should not go forward blindly, we should also not stay rooted blindly. Also
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Thank You for Your fav!

Thank You for Your fav!

Thank You for Your fav!

Big fan of imaginative alien cosmic perspectives, especially the ones that make one wonder, ponder, what it would be like. In this vast universe, such vistas probably exist somewhere.

Danke für dieses Lob. Das bedeutet mir etwas :-)

Thank you for this praise. It means something to me :-)

Thank You for Your fav!

Thank you for the Favs and the Badge!

M51A M51B (Whirlpool galaxy) with Meade SCT
Stormy Sunset