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December 21, 2010
one suggester said: "Gaia 10 CustoPack for Windows7 by ~David-PIERON is an amazing vs for windows and i installed it on my win 7 and i've never seen anything which is customizing everything in 5 minutes right from the logon, to cursors, to the vs, to the icons and the dock. incredible!"

(suggested by `archanN, ~imrik and ~Benijamino)
Featured by OtisBee
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Gaia 10 CustoPack for Windows7

Gaia 10 CustoPack for Windows 7 - Celebrate the beauty of nature !

Based on Gaia 10 by neiio (clic here to download .msstyle)

Icons & PNG :
- Teekatas Suwannakrua [link]
- Konstantin Shalev [link]

Visual Style :
- Jamie Green - [link]

Wallpapers & Logons :
- Home - Archan Nair - [link]
- In the morning - Siebe Warmoeskerken - [link]
- Minimal - Pete Harrison - [link]
- Parrt - Rubens LP - [link]
- Protect - Thomas Brechler - [link]
- Summer - Siebe Warmoeskerken - [link]
- Glacien - Marius Bauer - [link]
- Golden Shine - Thierry - [link]
- When it all falls - Siebe Warmoeskerken - [link]

RocketDock skin :
- Josh Sender - [link]

Cursors :
- Novoo - [link]

Note : I had the authorization of all authors in order to create the Gaia CustoPack.
Special thanks to :iconneiio: and :iconimrik:
© 2010 - 2021 David-PIERON
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IMRAN1038's avatar
Where can I download the Skinpack? Looking for along time for this skin in my windows 7.
Mazaar's avatar
Great work. How to install?
OanaOaniii's avatar
I tried to install it with CustoPack but after restart my computer kept restarting and I had to reinstall windows. Does anyone have any idea why? 
vhippo's avatar
Hello. This is great theme, but could you please fix text selection cursor. Because of shadow it selects text under shadow, not under cursor. That's making me mad. Thank you.
lapatash's avatar
Hi.Can anyone make this theme for android???
mruoc0618's avatar
How to download?
Amazing look! I love it!

Although, there seems to be a problem with my directory path, . Any ideas on how to fix the layout and make it appear like the one above?
Watanabe66's avatar
Nice theme! I like it! ;]
Do you have a version of this that does not require custopack tools to install?

I have a few tweaks I would like to make but the pack file that custopack drops on my machine is password protected.
DiNunoMendes's avatar
This is amazing and beautiful, thank you a lot and to all who made this possible!
Hi! I'm a Linux user but I need to use windows for work. The fact is that windows 7 theme is ugly and I use Gaia in linux/gnome, can you explain to me how to set everything here to make my windows look like yours?

Arcaziel's avatar
I'm using it since a few minutes, amazing!
arunsai's avatar
will anyone create Gaia go launcher theme for android devices?
lunelac's avatar
VERY VERY cool. a total immersion & experience into gaia. like having a new pc. i put it on after a few others just to try & i haven't taken it off, since. props!
Labatryth's avatar
Wicked awesome, but my shutdown button is hidden on my start menu?
Juilkca's avatar
How do you install this theme in Windows 7?
Stteresa's avatar
Pretty cool!!I can't help loving it!!thanks~
kingblue12's avatar
Hi there, once I installed the theme It didn't change the Start Orb. Is there a link to a download where I can get it? Or was it meant to install the Orb in the process.

Thanks -
kingblue12's avatar
Never mind, I did a reinstall of the pack and everything is good. Thanks for the Great theme!
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