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.:Tutorial Brushes:.

Heres the brushes i used in the tutorial [link]

Anyone who uses these brushes badly will be personally shot by me :D

Enjoy :dance:
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You're a star, thank you very much for these! :D
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so cool i tested and i liked :)
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Great brushes! = )
After downloading and trying them, it didn't take me long to actually get inspired.
Here's the result: [link]
Not much, but hope you still like it.
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The link doesn't work :(
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nice brushs! thx for share
its not worth it to shoot some one over these brushes.
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poo, not compatable...
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Thanks for the brushes, you're the best!
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These will be really fun to practice speedpainting with. Thanks for the brushes! =D
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Aww, shoot. It didn't work on my Photoshop 7.0 ^^;
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Yeah sorry, i only use PS CS. Don't know if there is a way of converting them...
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Is there a chance of you making them for 7? :psychotic: please? They're the brushes i've been looking for!
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alright! thanks!! ^^
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Whoot! Thanks! :D
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big thank for this :)
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are those the same that in the link you gave me? where there were the OC files..
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Nope different brushes :)
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