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.:Speedpaint step by step:.

Just did a quick step by step for my normal sketching process on photoshop. This image is by no means a finished piece because i usually only spend about 30- 60 minutes on a sketch like this.

I do tend to do alot of these quick sketches normally just to build on an idea, concept im designing or they can just be roughs for a production painting.

Hope this helps:)
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Hello :) I just finished a painting inspired by your tutorial and wanted to say thank you for sharing that. Honestly, I am not very patient and easily frustrated when I watch other tutorials. Most of the time the outcome is not as good as I thought because I am too detailed very fast or try to get the right brushes, etc.

Just wanted to leave it here to show some appreciation :)

Have a nice week :love:

Crash of the Deadalus
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Congratufrickinlations this is amazing
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What brush do you use to paint?
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Holy crap, you make it sound so easy! Thanks very much for sharing this!!!
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30 minutes?? Dang. It's stuff like this that inspires me to keep practicing my digital painting :D Thank you for the tutorial!
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Can someone please look at my journal?:) ;)
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ok so i obiously know nothing about this site.AKA-
points, drawing,-anything.Sorry if I spammed.It is just I waited for a couple months to find out what site people used for speedpainting.I finally found it, but I don't know how it works at all.Can someone please explain it?I need help.
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i confused... How do you acually DRAW???I open every page!Someone Peez help?
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Calm down. First, find something to draw. Something Inspiring. 2. concentrate on you objective. The objective is to paint well. You don't actually speed through it. It takes time. Its called speed paint because its on a computer. Keep your mouse steady and find new creative way to make it.
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How do you open it? ^^ It's just a thing that says speed painting tutorial...
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click the download button on the right hand side
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Lol. Thank you! ^U^ It helped a lot!
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what's it called???
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Many thanks good sir! Very educational for a beginner, I appreciate it
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omg its getting toooooooooooo boring i am searching that how can i download speed paint from about two or three hours but still i didn't got any informatin
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Thank you for uploading this! I found the perspective lines a great lesson and really useful! I imagine if you gave me the task to draw this, then I would spend ages on the clouds but it would look horrible and like a big blob in the middle of no where .. Ah well! (: This is going to help me amazingly. I hope you wont mind me using to refer to for future use and when I do my GCSE Art? Have a good day and a beautiful piece of work this was!!
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that looks long to me ^ w ^
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AMG :iconpapcryplz: anyway thanks for sharing. This inspired me a lot
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Thank you so much for sharing this.
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