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My brushes 10

Have some brushes! Because you darn well deserve them!

There are a couple here that i haven't created but have modified. I have no clue where i got them from though so if they belong to anybody then props to you for creating them :D

Click download on the right to get em!

See them in action here [link]
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Hey, thank you for the brushes, it is very nice of you to do this!

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If you used them while hearing CC  they must be crazy AF xD
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awesome! magnificent! wonderful! perfect! etc.! etc! etc!
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Very useful! Thx!
parkurtommo's avatar
Thank you! will be using this ;3
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Hi, thanks for sharing!
I used your brushes here [link]
Cheers! :)
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I'm addicted to your brushes! Thanks a lot. D:
LotusFleur's avatar
I just downloaded them! I might try them one of these days. Thanks for sharing! :)
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dude! you have so many brush sets @_@
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hey, I've used them here: [link] thanks for sharing! Saved my night ;)
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ive like downloaded all the brushes packs! and they are just amazing!!! (if i ever get em to work lmao i fail..)
sorry for only commenting on this brush pack xD
anyways ty so much and oh ive downloaded urs before (my brother fking deleted photoshop god i hate him) so i lost em all and now i cant find the people brushes.. T-T u know those with emm cant explain like a group of people gosh
sorry tho and ty again ^^
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Thank you for sharing these ! =)
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Thanks for sharing! I'll have to play around with these. :)
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Thank You for brushes! I don't like to use someone's else brushes but I like one of yours very much. I need to make my own hehe :D I used couple of those here :) [link]
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Uou, man! Thanks a lot! You have amazing works! :)
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Vanishing point brushes?! What is this magic? <3
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So Good! Thanks!!
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They're not compatible with my cs4 for some damned reason :(
David-Holland's avatar
They should work with any version of Photoshop CS and above
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Thanks! I'm a "starting speedpainter", and i suck. I somehow don't get the technique. But i'll try to learn it with these marvelous brushes!
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Awesome :D Just be patient and you'll be great in no time :dance:
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dat hipster music, anyway thanks for sharing
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