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The Irish Army base in Galway was already on high alert, but many of the soldiers were relaxing in the AC-cooled barracks, trying to stay out of the hot late August heat. A handful of unfortunate, hot, and uncomfortably-sweating souls were posted in tall watch-towers at various points along the boundaries of the base, a were overlooking a large unpaved road that snaked towards the city behind them. 

"Hey Billy!" one of the poor watchmen soldiers, whom had his uniform jacket unbuttoned, who was lifting a pair of binoculars to his eyes while look down the dirt road.

"yeah?" the other soldier that was leaning on the other end of the tower, taking a sip from a canteen.

"Oh my f**king God-- you need to see this!" said the first soldier, while looking through the binoculars. 

The other soldier walked over to where his comrade was standing from. 

"Let me see those binoculars...." 

The seasoned veteran then grabbed the binoculars and looked at the point where his comrade was pointing. 

The bright noon sun made the steel glint of off whatever the thing was that his comrade had seen. Clouds of dirt and dust fanned out behind the object, which was followed by entire rows of similar objects-- the objects seemed to be some kind of fast-moving vehicles-- no,--robots that were heavily armed. Robots? Moving that fast? With Weapons? 

He must be seeing things....

But the both of them had seen the same thing. And it would be better if they warned everyone than risk that everyone be killed, and countless lives to be loss if those robotic troops made it to Galway. He picked up the Field Telephone that was attached to own of the corners of the tower. He put the phone to his ear, and then heard Major O'Toole on the other end.

"Yes, who is this?"

"Corporal Burke, sir."

"What is your report, Corporal?"

"Major O'Toole, sir, we've spotted a large enemy force approaching our position from the East-South-East. I suggest we get the 'men to their battlestations, sir."

A sound that resembled an Air Raid siren was broadcasted around the base. 

Soldiers that were in the Barracks smoking, texting on their personal phones, and playing cards, or sleeping jumped up in surprise, making cards go flying, and cigarettes fall out of their fingers and drop to the floor, or fall on exposed skin. All of them immediately and hastily stood up and ran to get their uniforms on, and then ran over to get geared up for a fight. Soldiers hastily buttoned up body armor, and loaded and grabbed their weapons. After the chaos in the Armory was over, everyone began running to the prepared defensive position on the edge of the base facing their foes. soldiers that were carrying assault rifles, M60's, SMAW's, M72's, M47's, manning 82mm mortars, and Barrett .50 caliber rifles jumped behind entrenched and sandbagged maxim-nests that were built into a slight hill in front of eastern side of the base. 

Humvees armed with Mk-19 Automatic Grenade Launchers and TOW-II anti-tank missile launcher swerved a few yards in front of the infantry,  at an area where the infantry could still see and fire over the Humvees. M60A4 tanks rolled up on the flanks of the infantry, mingled in with more modern M1A2 Abrams tanks that were given by the United States to help with the War. About 10 yards behind the last line of entrenchments were several sandbagged-in 75mm light artillery guns that were to give fire support. Even further behind them was one large 105mm gun. M2 Bradley fighting vehicles also rolled up around the infantry. 

The RMC drones were now within a quarter-mile, and the Humvees, tanks, M2 Bradley's and .50 caliber M2HB maxims in the entrenchments now began fire, which created multiple line of tiny bullets that left a trail in the dirt after they missed and ricocheted off their targets. The tanks shell exploded around the drones as the drone then spread and fanned out after they reached the beginning of the clearing where that base was in, and then began to return fire. The TOW-II missile that were equipped on the Humvees and on the M2 Bradley's locked on to their specific targets, and homed on to the drones, which obliterated by the missile's warhead. The rest of the troops opened fire, and a multitude of streams of hot brass casing were dripping onto the ground as the soldiers hopelessly emptied their clips into the drones. 

"Tell the U.S.S. George W. Bush to send air support to our position ASAP!" yelled Colonel O'Toole, who was barely able to speak over the deafening roar of the guns and explosions that were going on as he spoke. 

A radio operator frantically contacted the Carrier's bridge. 

"They'll be here in 15 minutes!" the radio operator yelled back.

"Reload, Goddam-it! Hurry your asses!" an old Sgt. Humburg barked.

The Drones were swiftly killing the infantry that were entrenched, and the AT rockets that the drones were carrying were hitting the Humvees and M2 Bradley's, causing them to exploding in large fireballs. gunners tried to climb their way out of the burning wreckage fell onto the ground, with parts of them that were severely burned, or that were on fire. Some of them were able to painfully crawl or stumble their way over to their fellow soldiers, who put out the fires on them and gave them treatment as best they could. The majority of burning men took out their M9 Berreta pistols and shot themselves in the side of the head to end their misery and pain. Brains and blood were splattered all over the ground as they fell limp onto the ground, dead. 

Anti-tank rockets were able to score some lucky hits on the tanks, hitting ammunition magazines and hitting fuel tanks, causing the tank crews to abandon their vehicles. 

The drones then were hit with the 75mm artillery gun fire, which now were directly pointed at them, blasting the drones apart. A drone fired a rocket that hit a pile of artillery shells, causing a massive explosion that sent the mangled wreckage of the 75mm gun high into the air before crashing back down. The artillery team was literally blown to bits. 

Several drones fired their rockets at the entrenched positions, causing sandbags to explode and send sans* everywhere and mutilating dead corpses and live bodies. 

With only a scattered remnant of the RMC drones, the soldiers that were still fighting got a ray of hope fill their hearts.

But while the survivors were still destroying the remaining drones, another wave of drones was approaching steadily towards them.

"Oh no....." one soldier who was reloading his M72 LAW said dreadfully.

Just then, two F-16's screamed overhead, dropping bombs onto the drones. 

A minute later, several transport helicopters flew in and landed, dropping off fresh U.S. Marines.

"Let's show'em what kind of tough the Marines are, boys!" the Marines' Captain said.

"Captain, how many anti-tank weapons does your unit have?" the Irish Colonel asked over the sound of the helicopter blades spinning.

"Four or five.... why?" 

"Well, our enemy are robotic drones that are impervious to your M4A4 rifles!"

As they were talking, an RMC rocket hit another ammunition pile, causing another explosion and throwing the two commanders backwards to the ground. 

When they got on their feet again, another anti-tank rocket streaked across the sky and then hit one of the transport helicopters that was hovering over the battlefield to the commander's right, hitting in the helicopter's cockpit, killing the pilots onboard, and made the helicopter list to the right before crashing into the barracks. The explosion that followed the crash dwarfed the one created by the ammunition pile just moments before. 

After that fiasco, the American Marines picked and loaded anti-tank weapons that could find, and began to return fire against the drones. 

After over two hours of heavy fighting, the smoke cleared, and the second wave of drones had been finished off. 

The surviving soldiers, American and Irish, breathed a deep sigh of relief as the battle was finally over. They gave each other hugs, belly-bumped, and congratulated each other. 

Civilians from the city could still see the thick, black smoke that rose from the base. 

There was a multitude of robotic and human corpses that were scattered about the base, and blood had already began to pool in the entrenchments. 

Despite all of this, it was a somewhat happy occasion for the troops and for NATO. They had proven that the drones weren't completely invincible, and could be stopped.


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