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Club Rules-read before submitting!

DAvians is a club for anyone who likes (or likes to draw) featheries (aka. anthropomorphic birds).

Here are some rules on what we accept:


Any art of anthropomorphic birds and adheres to the rules below will be allowed. To quote Wikipedia,
"Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes."
1.5. Since all birds walk on two legs, it makes the categorization of "anthro" a lot more nebulous than with mammals, reptiles, et cetera. If I, Magenta-Fantasies or any of the co-founders or contributors can't tell it's an anthro from the picture (many headshots are like this), the picture doesn't belong in the group and will be removed.
In short, by this group's standards, if a headshot doesn't look anthro, it isn't.
There are MANY borderline pictures, but my (the founder's) personal rule is "if I have to look at it intently for a while to figure out if it should be in the group gallery or not, then it shouldn't be.


Anthropomorphic griffins, phoenixes and other mythological birds are allowed. These should be submitted to the Fantasy Birds folder.


We allow all styles of anthro art, including chibi, anime, realistic, Sonic, cartoon and anything in between. Just make sure the subjects are anthro birds!
3.5 Any artist of any skill level can submit art too.


Fan art is allowed, just be sure to submit it to the Fan Art folder.


Finished drawings only; that means no sketches and WIPs (lineart is allowed, as is black and white art). This also means no drawings made from doll makers/character generators, and no recolored/traced pictures. We do not allow screenshots from movies, TV shows, video games, et cetera.


We allow artwork made from bases, however we enforce quality control with base-made artwork. We will allow artwork made with bases as long as said pictures are good quality (this would be at the discretion of the founder) and follow the rest of the group rules. Any pictures which are of sub-par quality will be removed at the discretion of the founder. Also, bases that are made from screenshots or anything that wasn't made by the base's creator will be removed.

Here are some examples of what's considered acceptable quality base usage:…………………


If you don't know the species of the character/s in the picture when submitting it to the Group, submit to OCs+FCs: Other.
Also, if you're unsure about what goes in which folder, click on the folder and read the description inside.


We allow unlimited submissions but DO NOT abuse this privilege. That means don't flood the group with submissions and make sure you submit things to the correct folders (each folder contains a description that will help you with knowing where things go).


Pictures with groups of characters must contain at least one anthropomorphic bird. These belong in the folder "OCs and FCs: Multiple Species".

Group Info

DAvians is a group devoted to those who like and like to draw bird anthros ("featheries").

For more information on the club, including rules and such, click here.…
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James' Orphan DaysOne morning in early April, in a town called Mountainfoot on an island called Wetren, a duck’s egg sat on the stoop of a brick building with a roundabout driveway, several large trees, and a playground in the back. This was the Mountainfoot Children's Home. Upon it was painted a message:To the staff of Mountainfoot Home,Please take care of our duckling, who is still inside this egg. We could not afford to take care of him, as we have four children at home already, and one more bill to feed will break us. Please make sure he has the best upbringing possible, as we are not able to provide that for him.-AnonymousThe egg was found when one of the children who lived there, a young kitten by the name of Lily, nearly broke it when she opened the door. She saw the egg with the painted words all over it, and since she couldn’t read yet, she took it inside to the director, who was a fox. “Ms. Davis, Ms. Davis! Look what I found! The Easter Bunny came early!” she shouted.“Lily, Don’t be silly. Easter isn’t for another two weeks,” she said. Ms. Davis picked up the egg and read the message. “This is a duck’s egg. I shall give it to the nurse, and she’ll put it in the incubator. When it hatches, the duck will live with us,” she explained. She got up and carried the egg down to the nurse’s office.The nurse put the egg in the incubator, which was a large oven-like box with a glass door and large lightbulb, designed to keep the egg warm so the duck inside could develop and eventually hatch. This became a great interest of the children, who always stopped by between school classes to take a look at the egg and ask the nurse how long it will take for it to hatch. And the nurse always gave the same answer; “We don’t know when he was laid, so he could hatch at any time!”But one boy was not very interested in the egg. In fact, he flat out hated it. His name was Scott Bradley, and he was a wolf.“Don’t be disappointed? Hah! I’d be glad if that thing doesn’t hatch. The last thing we need is a smelly egg-layer running around this place!” he remarked.“Scott, what a terrible thing to say!” said the nurse.But Scott’s mind was set, he really hated birds and reptiles. “Before Dad gave me up, he told me not to trust any animal that hatches from an egg. They’re not as smart as we mammals are, so we’d be better off without them,” was the reason he always gave for his prejudice. When the egg finally hatched, a small yellow duckling came out of it. The nurse took him out of the incubator and swaddled him in a wool blanket. “You look like a James. I think that’s what your name should be,” she said. She put him in a crib in the nursery, where he was the only baby at the time.Over the course of several years, James grew up and was eventually old enough to attend the attached school for the orphans. Like all the other children, he was given the official uniform of Mountainfoot Children’s Home, a gray sweater with a big letter “M” on it. His was modified to have slits for his growing wing feathers, as he was a duck. He was still the only non-Mammal at the home, and Scott Bradley made sure he was made miserable for it. “Bird Brain!” “Roast Duck!” “Foie Gras!” “Pond Scum!” were some of the many nicknames Scott gave him. One time in class when they were learning about the biology of animals was particularly painful. The teacher began the lesson.“Did you know that every animal in this room has wild relatives? Yes, all of us have counterparts in the wild. While animals like us, who talk, wear clothes, and live in buildings, are called anthros, the ones who live in the wild are called ferals. Can somebody tell me about their feral relatives?”Lily the cat went first. “There are stray cats who live at my grandma’s farm. I see them whenever I visit for Christmas. They live in the barn and are much smaller than I am,” she said.“Very good, Lily! Ferals are generally smaller than anthros. But not always! Did you know, Lily, that you’re in the same family as lions and tigers?”“Wow! That’s so cool!” said Lily, astonished.“And if Harold Horse can stop chewing gum, he’d know that all of his feral relatives are larger than him!” the teacher said. Harold quickly spat his gum into the wrapper and began listening obediently.“Hah! Horses may be bigger, but my feral relatives are the best out of all of you! We wolves are known for being on the top of the food chain, and being the roughest, toughest animals there are!” Scott bragged.“I don’t know much about my feral relatives…” James admitted.“That’s because there’s nothing good about them, stupid! All you ducks are good for is eating minnows in ponds and shooting at! And you know what wolves do with ducks? We eat them!”“Is that true, Ms. Josephine?” James asked, nervously.“In the wild, yes. But don’t worry, you won’t be eaten by anyone, James,” said the teacher.“Wolves are still better than you, bird brain!” Scott remarked.“Now, Scott, that is not true. Ducks are very good swimmers, and thanks to their specially-adapted webbed feet and oil on their feathers, they can swim in the coldest of temperatures! If a wolf did that, he’d freeze! The important thing is to know that all creatures are good for different things,” explained the teacher.“Hah!” said Scott, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. But James felt a little better after hearing the teacher say that.At least he felt better until recess. James was drawing on the playground blacktop with chalk when Scott came up to him and kicked the chalk out of James’ hand.“What was that for?” James asked.Scott ignored his question. “The teacher only said those things to make you feel better! You know that us mammals are still better than you, especially wolves!”“Oh yeah? At least we can swim and fly better!” James said, getting up.“Until you get shot down by a hunter! And besides, you’re an anthro, you can’t fly anyway!” Scott laughed.“Cut that out!” James said, but Scott took no notice.“Haha, stupid little birdy! Featherbrain! Weak and defenseless!”This was enough for James. He pulled his fist back and punched Scott in the head. “Take that!” Unfortunately, as she often did, the playground monitor didn’t notice Scott bullying James and only noticed James fighting back. Scott got a bloody nose and started crying. The monitor rushed over.“James! Why did you do that to Scott?!” she yelled.“He was being mean first! He said I should get shot down by a hunter, and I was a stupid featherbrain! I only punched him so he’d stop!” James defended.“I did not!” Scott retaliated.“Well, that’s no excuse for punching another child! You know better! You should have used your words!” said the playground monitor.“I tried, but it didn’t work! It never does!” James said.“Stop talking back! Scott, you go to the nurse,” the monitor said. After Scott left, she turned to James. “And you’re going to the director’s office!” said the monitor, and she took James by the arm and took him there.Now, being an orphan does not have a lot of advantages, but one of the very few perks is that when you get in trouble, they can’t call your parents, because, well, you know why. James certainly would rather have parents, and I bet you would too, but at the very least, James didn’t have to worry about what his would say. His punishment was about as bad as a punishment his parents would have given him, but at least he didn’t have to sit in school all day, with his stomach filled with butterflies, dreading going home.“James, I am very disappointed in your behavior today,” began Ms. Davis.“I’m sorry, but Scott started it! He told me-” James started,“Stop with the excuses, James. You know better than to punch your fellow schoolmate. Now, for your punishment, you will not be able to go to recess, and you won’t be allowed in the playroom during leisure time for two weeks,” said Ms. Davis.“Yes, ma’am,” James said.“And on top of that, you will have to write an apology note to Scott,” continued Ms. Davis.“But Ms. Davis! He said I was only good for being shot by a hunter!” James said.“Again with the excuses. James, you punched him, and physical contact is way worse than simple words. Write him an apology note now,” said Ms. Davis, handing James a pen and paper. James knew it was no use arguing, so he began to write his apology.Dear Scott,I am sorry for punching you. I did not like what you were doing, but it did not justify my reaction. I hope your nose gets better.-JamesLater that night, before bed, James gave Scott his letter. He opened it, read it, and crumpled it up. “Whatever, Pond Scum. Like your punch even hurt!” Everyone else in the room laughed. James was angry, but he didn’t want to start a fight and be banned from leisure time +-for an entire month, so he got into his bottom bunk, pulled the covers over his head, and cried himself to sleep.As the days passed, James spent a lot of time in the dormitory, sitting on his bottom bunk. He would watch the children play outside, and jump rope or throw snowballs, as it was still winter. They would come inside, and James would eat dinner, then he’d go back to his bunk while everyone else would go to the playroom and play ping-pong, or watch the TV, or play with toys. Then, one night before everyone went to bed, Charley Gator came. Ms. Davis stood in the doorway to introduce him,“Boys, meet Charley. His parents have sadly passed away, so he will be living with us from now on,” she then turned down the hallway. “You can come in and meet the other kids, Charley.” Moments later, a tall alligator with a long tail, thick glasses, and a red sweater came in, carrying a brown suitcase. He was obviously still sad about his parents’ death, but no one cared to comfort him or even say hello. Everyone, especially Scott, just stared at him. “Please boys, make him feel welcome here! But don’t stay up too late! Lights off at 9:30. Bye!” and Ms. Davis left.As soon as she did, everyone started talking. Naturally, Scott was first. “Aw great, another egg layer.”“Why did they have to send him here?” another boy, a fox named Peter, said. But James wasn’t so cynical. His whole life at the orphanage was made miserable for being the only “egg layer”. Charley was also a new kid, so he didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to be friends with James. James began to walk over to introduce himself.“Aw, Charley can’t be that bad! He’s just lost his parents, for crying out loud!” but then he felt Scott grab onto his arm.“Bah, just like a bird! Don’t you know what Charley is? He’s an alligator! He could eat up anyone in this room whenever he wanted, especially you!” Scott said.“But he seems so sad! Surely he needs to be comforted? By the way my top bunk is empty, and Charley seems to need it,” James replied.“Do you want to be turned into a duck dinner? Those are called crocodile tears! Crocodiles don’t really have feelings, that’s why they’re cold-blooded!” Scott said.“But isn’t he an alligator?” asked James.“Same difference!” Scott remarked. He let go of James and turned to the timid reptile. “Charley, we know we have to live with you, but that doesn’t mean we want to! There’s a cot in the closet, you can sleep on that!”“Okay,” Charlie said quietly. As everyone got into their bunks, Charley went over to the closet and pulled the canvas cot out. He took off his red sweater and buttondown and hung them on the clothing rod, then opened his suitcase and took out a white nightshirt and a yellow blanket. He put the nightshirt on, laid in the cot, and pulled the blanket onto him. Both the blanket and the cot were too small for the big alligator, so his large, clawed feet hung off the edge quite a bit. It was also a very thin blanket, and the cold room didn’t help, so Charley’s sharp teeth chattered as he shut his eyes tight, trying to force himself to fall asleep and forget the terrible situation he was in.Meanwhile, James got up to use the restroom. He passed Charley’s cot at the edge of the room before the door and saw how he was suffering. James couldn’t help but want to comfort the poor reptile, but he was reluctant. As far as he knew, this was the first time Scott showed any concern for his best interest, so he was convinced he should be afraid of Charley. Charley was an alligator, and James was a duck, and James knew from science class that ducks are a part of an alligator’s natural diet. But on the other hand, Charley hadn’t hurt anyone yet, and James also knew from science class that Charley was a cold-blooded reptile, and if the room was cold for James, it had to be much worse for Charley. He went back and got the pillow and heavier blanket off the top of his bunk bed. He put the cover over Charley. He was about to put the pillow under Charley’s head, but Charley, sensing James’ presence, opened his eyes. James just tossed the pillow and ran to the restroom before Charley could recognize him. Charley looked around and noticed the pillow. He laid his head on it and drifted off to sleep, smiling a big toothy, alligator grin, comforted by the fact that at least someone cared about him.The next day at breakfast, they were serving french toast and sausage. Charley got in line and got himself 5 slices of french toast, and nine sausage links. He poured a liberal amount of syrup on them and began to look around for a place to sit. He saw Scott and his friends sitting at a table. Scott was complaining about the food. “This French toast is either really soggy or really stale. Why can’t the lunch lady make up her mind? The food stinks!” he complained. Then he noticed Charley sit down at the table. He motioned at his pals and everyone scootched away from him to the other side of the bench.“Ew, look how much he’s eating!” said Peter.“I hope the lunch lady doesn’t run out of food feeding this guy. If she does, he’ll probably eat us,” said an otter named Michael.“Yeah, egg layers are nothing but trouble. It’s not fair that we have to live with two of them. One is a stupid duck, and the other is a dangerous alligator,” said Scott. Just then, James sat at the table across from Charley. “Ugh, here comes the other one. Let’s sit somewhere else!” and Scott and his goonies got up and left. James was about to dig into his breakfast, but then he noticed Charley across the table. He was nervous, but he didn’t want to seem rude.“I’d better go… eat at that table over there! It’s my job to clean it today,” James said, and left. Charley was disappointed. No one seemed to like him.Later, Scott, James, a few other kids, and now Charley were in science class. The teacher drew a large dragon on the chalkboard. “I have an exciting topic today, class. Today, we will be studying dragons!” she said.“Oh, I love dragons!” said Charley to himself.“You would! They’re big, ugly reptiles who eat anthros, just like you!” said Scott.“Now Scott, is that nice?” said the teacher. She went on. “Dragons are fascinating animals. They are the only creature in the world that are neither anthro nor feral!”“Is it true that dragons are magical?” said Lily the cat.“Well, I suppose you could call them magic! No one knows quite how they do it, but dragons could transform into anything! They usually take the form of animals, but they could even turn into inanimate objects!” explained the teacher. She went on. “Did you know that Wetren has the largest amount of dragons anywhere in the world? They thrive here because of our unspoiled landscape in the Draconian mountains that are very hard for anthros to access. In fact, our town is very close to a colony of dragons!”“That’s so cool! I’d like to meet a dragon!” said James.“Hah! Keep dreaming! If a dragon saw you it would eat you up for sure, stupid!” Scott remarked.“Is that true?” James asked the teacher.“Unfortunately, dragons are very dangerous creatures. They have teeth like kitchen knives, and claws so sharp, you’d bleed a little if you touched them. Not to mention, they breathe fire! In fact, since we live so close to the Dragon Valley, we have to make sure we don’t schedule recess at a time dragons like to hunt at. Luckily, they only hunt at certain times, but if you were out during one of those times, a dragon could swoop down and eat you for dinner! Dragons are cool, but from a distance.” said the teacher. She then looked at Charley. “Since you like dragons so much, why don’t you tell us some more about them?“Okay! Actually, as a matter of fact, according to this book I’ve been reading, dragon attacks are less common than attacks from pet dogs. There have been few if any cases of dragons eating anthros. Dragons are actually very intelligent, more so than anthros, according to scientists,” said Charley.“Hah! Your dead parents probably gave you that book to brainwash you!” said Scott.“They did not! It’s a reliable source!” Charley retaliated.“Scott, please stop being rude. As for you, Charley, that is most likely false information,” said the teacher.“But the book is written by an expert on dragons!” said Charley.“Charley, stop disrupting the class,” said the teacher, and she went on with the lesson.After class, it was time for recess. But it wasn’t very fun. It was a cold day in February, and all the kids were sitting down, huddled in the corner near the home’s entrance. When James tried to join them, all the kids scooched away. James got up again, and all the kids moved away from him again. “Stop that! I’m trying to get warm!” he said.“We don’t want a stupid egg-layer touching us!” Scott said.“Come on, guys, I’m cold too! Aren’t you gonna let me in?” James said, turning to the other kids.They shook their heads and said “Nope!” “Uh-uh!” “Nah!”“So you’re just gonna let me stay out here and freeze?” James said. Scott then got up and started approaching James.“Listen, pond scum, we don’t care if you’re cold! It’s bad enough that we’re stuck living and sharing a room with you, but we’re not going to let your disgusting feathers rub up against our good fur! We wouldn’t care if it was so cold you’d freeze to death, in fact, we’d say good riddance!” he said.James looked at Scott as he said all these mean things. He realized that this wolf had made his whole life from birth a misery. Not only had Scott bullied him, but he turned the whole children’s home against James. Scott was the bane of James’ existence. He hated the wolf with all his heart, with all his soul, and with all his might. Inside his heart, a red-hot flame of rage began to grow inside of him. James wanted to beat the living daylights out of Scott. He wanted to smash him and shred him and turn him into wolf hamburger. James was ready to kill Scott, but he didn’t want to get in trouble again. So all that came out was “you are the biggest jerk in the world,” and he stormed off. Meanwhile, Scott and the other kids just laughed.James trudged around the playground, his wings in his coat pockets, looking down. Then he heard a voice. “J-James?” He looked up. There was Charley, sitting on the side of the building, curled up with his arms on his shoulders. He took off his mittens and tried rubbing his clawed hands together and breathing into them like the other kids who were huddled up a few yards away were doing, but since Charley wasn’t warm-blooded like them, it was no use.“Poor gator, he’s got to be miserable,” James thought.“That’s your name, r-right? It’s James?” Charley said again.“Yeah, why?” James responded.“Come over here, I want to talk to you,” said Charley. James cautiously motioned toward the reptile. “It’s okay, I’m n-not g-gonna hurt you. Sit down with me.” James sat down, and Charley began talking to him.“Did the kids not let you warm up either?” he asked. James shook his head. Charley continued. “I thought so. Why is everyone so mean here?”“I-I don’t know. They were always like this to me, but especially Scott,” said James.“Scott seems especially mean! He wouldn’t even let me sleep in a bed. I was all cold, but luckily someone put a blanket over me and gave me a pillow. I wanted to thank him, but he ran away before I got a good look. I wish he didn’t, it makes me feel bad when people run from me. I get it a lot,” said Charley.“Charley, I was the one who gave you the blanket,” said James. Charley looked at him, surprised.“Ah, I see. But why did you run away? Was it because of what Scott told you about alligators?” asked Charley. James knew he had to tell Charley the truth.“Well, yes. I thought I should play it safe. I’m sorry for offending you, though!” James said.“I forgive you. But I want you to know that just because I’m an alligator, that doesn’t mean I want to eat anybody, especially not a nice person like you. In fact, I want to be friends. ‘Egg-Layers’ together. You help me, and I help you. What do you say?” Charley said, holding out his hand. James knew now that Charley meant no harm, and was in fact the first person who was ever especially nice to him.“It’s a deal! Egg-Layers together!” James said, and they shook hands.Charley then got up. “I’m freezing my tail off. Why don’t we try to warm up with the kids again?”“How? They hate us!” James said.“Well, it’s worth a try. Maybe they’ll give in if there are two of us,” said Charley. James agreed and they walked over to the huddled kids. Scott was the first to speak.“Ha, the two egg-layers are cold! What’s James doing with you, Charley? Did he finally agree to become your dinner? Good, now we’ll have only one to deal with!”“Listen, Scott, James and I are both fed up with how you’ve been treating us! If you don’t mind, please move over and let us warm up with everyone else!” said Charley angrily.“Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do if we don’t, eat me?” said Scott.“As a matter of fact, that does sound rather good right now. It’s been a while since I’ve caught any live prey” Charley said. He licked his lips and grinned, showing off his rows of white, shiny, razor-sharp fangs.“B-but there’s a duck right behind you! Surely you won’t turn down a nice duck dinner for dog meat!” Scott said. Charley was only bluffing, but he could tell it was working because Scott was getting nervous. He went on.“James is the only one out of all of you who was ever nice to me, so I’ll never eat him. But you, Scott, are a big jerk! It would be quite nice without you around!” Scott thought he was in real danger, so he moved to make room for James and Charley, who sat down and warmed up. James looked at Charley and smiled. He was his first true friend!Unfortunately, James and Charley’s satisfaction didn’t last for long. As soon as the bell rang, Scott went to Ms. Davis and told her everything.“Ms. Davis! Ms. Davis! That alligator made me and my friends let him and James sit with us outside! He said he was going to eat me if we didn’t let them sit with us!” he whined.“Is that so?” Ms. Davis said. She marched up to the two friends. “James and Charley, we’re going to my office right now!”She took them by the arm and escorted them down the hall. James looked back and saw Scott watching with a big grin on his face. “Two-faced deceiver!” he thought to himself.When they arrived at the office, James and Charley sat in two chairs across from Ms. Davis’ desk. “Charley, what has gotten into you? It is never okay to threaten to eat another student!” Charley just sat with his head down. James could tell that he was getting coy, so he spoke up.“Charley wasn’t actually going to eat anyone! He was only bluffing to scare Scott out of bullying us. The kids were huddled together to warm up today, but Scott wouldn’t let us join because we’re not mammals! He said he didn’t want to be touching our ‘disgusting feathers and scales!’ He has been bullying us for a long time! It was the only way to get him to stop! ”“Hmph. I know Scott isn’t always on his best behavior, but threatening to eat him is no way to set him straight. You should have asked him nicely,” said Ms. Davis.“But that doesn’t work with him!” James started.“Let Charley speak,” Ms. Davis said. Charley looked up and was silent for a moment. “Well?” Ms. Davis said.“Sorry, Ms. Davis. But James is right. Scott never listens!” said Charley. Ms. Davis sighed, got up, and looked out the window for a minute. Children were so hard to deal with sometimes. She then turned back to the two students.“James, since you don’t seem to have threatened anyone, but have encouraged it, I suppose I’ll let you off with a warning this time. As for you Charley, no recess or leisure time for a month and a half!”That night, when everyone else went to the recreation room before bed, Charley just listened to their laughter from the dormitory. He then went back to his cot and began to pull out a book. Just then, the door creaked open. It was James“Hey, thank you for standing up for me, Charley. I’m sorry it got you banned from recess and leisure time,” he said.“Eh, it was worth it. I got peace of mind, and Scott got a piece of my mind! I call that a fair deal,” said Charley. James smiled. For such a timid gator, Charley was rather witty! He continued. “What are you doing here, anyway? Don’t you want to go to the playroom with everyone else?”“Nah. I’d rather be here with you than in there with those jerks. You are the only person here who was ever nice to me,” said James.Charley smiled his big, toothy alligator grin. “Alrighty, friend!”James went on. “You know, that cot looks especially uncomfortable, especially with no mattress. I have a vacant top bunk. You can sleep there if you want!”“Really? But what would Scott say?” Charley said.“Oh, who cares what that puppy thinks? I can tell he’s pretty scared of you. He may complain, but I don’t think he’ll actually do anything,” said James.“Okay! Let’s go!” said Charley. He and James gathered Charley’s things and took them across the room to James’ bunk. Charley made his bed and then was helped by James to take all the things out of the suitcase. They hung up all his clothes on the clothing rod. James noticed that Charley had a lot of books.“Wow, you sure like to read!” said James.“Yes, I do. You see, when you’re an alligator, everyone is afraid of you because you have big fangs and sharp claws, not to mention that you tower over everyone. So, no one wants to be friends with you, and you end up feeling pretty lonely. Books help me to forget that. This may sound corny, but I can be whatever I want when I read,” said Charley.“I never thought of books that way. I’ve never read for fun, I’ve only read the books I’ve been assigned to for school,” said James.“Well, does this place have a library?” asked Charley.“Yeah, why?” said James.“Well, you can go there and find some books you’d like to read. Or I can lend you oneif you’d like,” said Charley.“I’ll see,” said James. He took some more books from the suitcase. A lot of them had dragons on the cover. “I see you really like dragons!”“Yes! I’m fascinated by them! They look a lot like us alligators, except cooler. They fly and breathe fire and can even transform themselves! And sure, people are even more scared of them than they are of us, but dragons don’t care, because they don’t have to. They are as intelligent as anthros, but they almost live totally detached from us and our materialistic society. All they need is each other and nature,” Charley explained.“Wow, that’s pretty deep,” said James. “Would you like to meet a dragon?”“I don’t know about that. While I did say that dragon attacks aren’t as common, they could be pretty unpredictable. It’s better to keep your distance, just to be on the safe side,” said Charley. He handed a book to James. It was titled Anthros, Ferals, and Dragons and had a bunch of animal photos on the cover. “Here, why don’t you read this? It talks about dragons, but there’s stuff about all sorts of animals, including birds. You may learn something about yourself!”“Okay! I will!” said James.Just then all the other boys came in to get ready for bed. Naturally, Scott was not happy to see Charley climbing onto the top bunk of James’ bed after changing into his pajamas. “Hey, birdbrain, what’s that oversized pickle doing up there? We don’t want to smell his swamp water!” he said.“Charley’s not going anywhere! He deserves to be comfortable like the rest of us!” said James.“I’m not afraid of you, duck soup!” he turned toward the other boys. “C’mon! Let’s drag that swamp pickle out and put him where he belongs when he’s asleep!” The other kids started agreeing, but James stopped them.“I wouldn’t do that! It says in this book that alligators will attack people who wake them by instinct!” said James.“Is that another threat I hear? Ooh, Ms. Davis is gonna have a field day with you two! Twice in one day, too!” taunted Scott.“Not a threat, just a warning! Charley can’t help his instincts!” said James. He showed Scott the book. “See for yourself.” Scott read and realized that, as far as he knew, James was right. What he didn’t know was that only feral alligators attacked people who woke them, but James knew he wouldn’t care to read that far.“Fine, you win this time! But enjoy it while it lasts!” said Scott, and he aggressively handed the book back to James. James walked over to his bunk, and Charley fist-bumped him. “Thanks, buddy!” he said.“It’s the least I could do!” said James, and he slipped into his bunk underneath. A monitor came in to switch off the lights, and everyone went to sleep.James stayed up a little bit, reading up on ducks in the book Charley gave him. He read all the stuff he already knew, like how ducks can float so well because of the oil they produce. But then he read something that really struck his interest.Although not nearly as well equipped as their feral brothers, anthro ducks, like many anthro birds, are indeed able to fly, albeit not for as long distances.”This was news for James. He had been told all his life that since he was anthro, he wasn’t able to fly, but apparently that was a myth! James loved this new knowledge he gained. Maybe everyone at the children’s home would finally respect him if he could fly? He knew he had to try it out soon. After he put down the book, James had no trouble getting to sleep. His newfound knowledge of his capabilities, combined with Charley’s soft snoring and long tail hanging off the bunk bed, gently swaying, lulled James right to sleep. Things were beginning to look up for him.
Time Flyers Contest
Time Flyers Comic 5 by Magenta-Fantasies


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Darkwing Duck - You don't go to bed? by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX
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Hello from :iconmagenta-fantasies: :wave:

Last month I asked all DAvians members to vote on a theme for our 10th anniversary collaboration.
By a wide margin, OCs won!

The collaboration theme is OCs!

Here are the rules for entering. To show you read these rules, when you comment in this journal to join, add the "secret word" hidden in this journal to your comment. You'll know it when you see it, because it will make no sense in context.

Colllaboration Rules:

:bulletorange: The collaboration is open exclusively to DAvians members. If you want to join this collaboration, join the group first.
:bulletorange: Artists of any talent level are allowed to enter.
:bulletorange: Only one picture per character is allowed. If you wish to draw more than one character, you must finish drawing the first character you asked to draw before taking on another.
:bulletorange: Any character you want to draw for the collaboration must be approved by Magenta-Fantasies to ensure that it fits the group. See the group rules on our front page for more clarification.
:bulletorange: You are allowed to use a pre-existing picture you created as long as it fits the collaboration requirements.
:bulletorange: Keep submissions G-rated or PG-rated. Revealing outfits (or no clothes as long as it's clean/feather-covered nudity) are perfectly fine. Something like this with semi-realistic anatomy would be okay, too. Mildly suggestive poses and exaggerated anatomy are allowed.
:bulletorange: The character you draw MUST belong to you.
:bulletorange: Fan characters/FCs are allowed. This means characters you created for a movie, video game, book, TV show, etc. (e.g. Sonic the Hedgehog, Duck Tales)

Image Requirements:
All pictures must be...
:bulletgreen: Full-body pictures that do not crop any part of the subject. No exceptions. strawberry
:bulletgreen: Full-color. Flat-color work is welcome, but shading is preferred (both digital and traditional art are welcome)
:bulletgreen: At least 500x500 pixels, 72 DPI. Larger is better; it's easier to shrink a picture than enlarge it.
:bulletgreen: On a transparent background. (traditional art submissions can be on a solid white background)

Deadline: November 7, 2018. This will give me, Magenta-Fantasies, enough time to arrange the images into one massive image. I will upload the final image in November.

I know the rules are lengthy, but it's paramount that you read them because it will make the collaboration run smoothly.

List of Entrants

Magenta-Fantasies- Curls DAvians Collaboration: Curls by Magenta-Fantasies Concorde DAvians Collaboration Concorde by Magenta-Fantasies Trillium DAvians Collaboration: Trillium by Magenta-Fantasies
MariiBoops Marii (submitted via stash)
AlfaFilly - Linda (submitted via stash)
StormDragonAlthazar -Shadya Shadya for DAvians Collab Picture by StormDragonAlthazar
julialee Several characters The Dirty Boogie, hey, you all by julialee
K4nK4n - Kankan
cla-re - Ariel Ariel the Umbrellabird - ref by cla-re Clash…
petit-fluffy-wolf New Roxy by petit-fluffy-wolf

:new: If you haven't already, please tell me (or at least confirm) what picture/s of your character/s you will use.
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