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ODST: Innocence
ODST: Innocence
I still remember the first time I saw one.
"Jesus f-- ff-fucking christ! Drop computers are out were going in blind! I C-"
We were going in as a clean-up, Salvaging wounded and cleaning up the dead.
Impact... 10... 9...
"Hang on! Pray to god!"
So we did. I prayed to whatever god was looking down us at the time, Blasting on this desolate forsaken rock supposedly worth getting killed for.
I felt my guts lurch inside my stomach, My lungs trying to break from my ribs as my heart pounded. The count became slower as adrenaline flushed through my blood. My vision blurring into a thin tunnel through the visor of my helmet. Suddenly it didnt seem so straining, The bulky armor or the confined helmet.
I felt at ease, Calm.
"Here we go boys! Hit em ha--"
It caught me off-guard, The jets fired early. It never crossed my mind with the nav computers offline the flight might be a bit off. Suddenly we hit, Bouncing hard in the harness keeping me l
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The Duskblade
                    Leaves rustled and mud splashed as the figures moved through the clearing in the woodland.
The cloaked figures followed a trail only visible to the Pathfinders eye, Ornate weapons gleaming in the morning sun
as they readied themselves for combat; Drawing blade from sheath.
        They halted, Drawing together to encircle the ranger and harden themselves together in defense.
"What is it ranger? Have you lost him?" Spoke one of the men, Gleaming down towards the Rangers gloveless hand
running over a recent footprint.
"No, Hes simply vanished..." The ranger seemed horribly calm "Vanished?" Questioned the leader of the group, Noted
by his Crimson red helmet. "How can he have simply vanished from us?"
"I-I... dont know, Give me silence... I need silence." The men hushed themselves and allowed the Ranger to work his
magic. He curled
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ODST Helljumpers WIP
Pt. 1
"This can't be happening, Sir. Not like this."
Whispered the Sergeant, Keeping his voice low to not attract attention from his men. "Silence, Not a word of this to your boy's.
They dont need to know at a time like this." The Liutenant replied in a hushed tone. He lifted his helmet from the ground and
cleared it of sand. "If you want to talk, Well do it on a secure channel." His eyes narrowed towards the Sergeant. The glance
washed away as the cold black helmet slipped over his head, destroying any chance to get a glimpse of expression.
The Sergeant muttered doing the same, Adjusted the seal and heard the faint static of sound as he joined channels with the
Liutenant. "Now calm yourself, Son. The last thing I need is you ruining Morale."
Calm down? Calm down, "Son"?
"Sir, Pardon me but. You drop us in the middle of nowhere, Get us ambushed, Lose our Comm operator and get my boys killed.
Pardon me for questioning your amazing Command skills." He couldnt tell, But judgin
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Mars I Boredom
        Jonah rocked back and forth, Breathing Oxygen in faster and faster praying soon there would be none left
and he could suffer his fate. The rest of the crew floating lifelessy, Either in the coldness of space,
Or the coldness of the ships interior.
He was alone.
Left with 4 months of Oxygen.
The trip back would take over 1 year.
He weeped.
He screamed.
He cried.
No one would heed his call.
Not even God, When you pass the gates of Heaven and enter the unknown.
A Back was turned.
"Honey? Whats wrong?" He felt someone grab his shoulder, He cried harder.
"Honey? Wake up." He closed his eyes and tried to block out the voice.
"Honey!?" He opened his eyes again and was greeted with warmth.
Warmth of another body against his and the cold breeze of nighttime air through his bedroom window.
"You were having a dream honey..."
A Lie, It was all a lie. A bad dream.
It was still the day after training for the mission ended.
He sighed, Retracted back int
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ODST Helljumpers Part I
             Renner shifted his helmet to the right, A surge of air letting forth a sigh signald the
seal between the Mask and body suit had been broken. Taking a seat his armor made an uneasy clank.
            -15 Minutes until Departure- Warned the computer throughout the drop quarters.
           He was one of the few young members in the ODSTs, Most being recruited Veterans of past battles.
Barely pushing 20 with the lack of scars to prove it. He had the average build of any soldier in the armor
But his face denied him of any training, Clean shaven with shaggy brown hair. Another kid in the Helljumpers.
            -10 Minutes until Departure, Begin preparations in dr
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ODST Helljumpers Inprog
         Shell casings carved a trail through the snow covered forest like bread crumbs.
Melting through the snow and exposing the dark mud underneath the pearl mush, Muzzle flashes
lighting the foliage under the Tree-tops.
         A Panic'd voice echoed out through the gloomie scene piercing the silence between gunfire like the
Evening sun through the Canopy above.
-"This is group 3, Contact made due east of our Drop Zone! Multiple targets
surrounding our Retreat to Group 1. Heading North if anyone can hear this."-
      Two figures weaved through the trees in a ballet of combat, As one would reach a calculated distance of
the other he would take up defense of his comrade.
Peppering the Unknown with fire as his Team-member fell back, Dropping the magazine from his rifle and refreshing
it with a new as he takes up a defensive position.
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My Fox by Kashi-chan My Fox :iconkashi-chan:Kashi-chan 2 4 Herz for sexy Dave by Kashi-chan Herz for sexy Dave :iconkashi-chan:Kashi-chan 1 2



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You know that feeling you have when you get home after a long day.

The feeling like you want to just take a shower, Switch to something comfortable and go to sleep?

I used to like that part of the day, Now I hate it.

The reasoning behind that is back when I enjoyed that part of the day, I had something to wake up to.
Something to wake up to and be happy about or look forward to.

Id like to make a list of the things Id wake up to.

Maybe you should make a List of things that make you happy, Things that you can wake up to.

Its 5:36 and I got home maybe 20 minutes ago.

I dont want to sleep because Ill go back into the same cycle.

Another late rant...

But go ahead

Make a list...


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