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Current Residence: St. Louis, MO....duh.

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Artwork: Gimp and the Serif Line; Stories: Open Office; Web Pages: Notepad Clones.
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Manga, Anime, and writing
A couple years back, I started a worldbuilding block where I create my own D&D campaign setting. But it was in a place where I didn't get that much exposure, or if I did, I never gotten much feedback. It's a problem I hope I won't be having here in DeviantART In fact, I made a fresh alternate account (which isn't connected to any deviations here save for a customary link to my main account here) just for restarting Tales of Penumaria with the hopes that I'd get more interest in the campaigns, stories, and lore there. I just posted the first introductory article and I can now like the account to here. Feel free to see Tales of Penumaria over at https://www.deviantart.com/talesofpenumaria .
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A couple years back, I started a series elsewhere on the internet called 'Tales of Penumaria,' which is a series on worldbuilidng and stories based on my homebrew D&D world. While there was some interest on some areas, I rarely got any feedback (not even open flames) where I was posting it, so I dropped that project. In the current economy I find myself needing for some funding to pay some rising bills, and while looking for possible means of earning some money, I'm considering returning to Tales of Penumaria in another place where I already have an audience: Here in DeviantART. I'm still in the pondering stages here and I'm looking for an official way to get started. Probably with a virgin group that doesn't have all the dross that's in my home account here. I also might need to get a Core subscription to get started better. In Tales of Penumaria I talk about my thought processes behind creating the setting, how it meshes into official D&D rules (including Spelljammer and
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Okay, I'm seeing a little financial trouble in the coming months. Several bills are about to go up and I need to find something for an additional income. I'm considering making something for a subscription either here or Patreon to pay some bills. But what may I ask? Making a serialized fiction really isn't a problem, the work drive is there once I get going. The problem is finding something that people would actually follow and are interested in, and would give me the feedback I need to keep going. (After all, the main reason why I often give up a project is either people not understanding where I'm coming from, or just plain being antagonistic, or not getting any kind of responses at all, like I'm not even being heard or that I even have people seeing my work. Either way, it doesn't encourage me to keep going.) My Penumaria setting has given me a lot of material to work with, I'm currently designing a game set there (Amber of the Woods) and I can easily make a serialized
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Hey there. Welcome aboard. Go check out TalesOfPenumaria

Happy birthday.

I wish I would have known sooner I would have loved to do a picture for you 😅

Is today your birthday if so happy birthday 🎉🎁

It's this coming Thursday. But if you want to do a picture for me, go check out https://www.deviantart.com/talesofpenumaria

Ouuuu that looks cool what's it about ? X3