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I'm just about to start posting Maid to Help, which would have to be a fund-raising project because I'm going to need a new computer soon. The only question is how should I go about with it. I have some options, two of which I know: I could keep it at DeviantART since there are already series out there that are paid, and Patreon, where I already have an account there and I can do a series there. But what I'd like to ask you is where I should do, and is there any guides to where I can post them at. Keep in mind now, I need to do this for funding for a new computer, Belle here is getting there in years and I just discovered that some apps no longer work well with her. But since it's still working, I'd figure start gathering some money for it now rather than when things get desperate for me. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I have a very serious question that I must ask you all, and the answers I get will influence what I’d do there in the future. It’s been nearly 8 years before I last posted anything here in DeviantART. Much more since I made anything resembling a web comic, which was the reason why I got into DeviantART. But ever since then, I’ve been getting several sets of smaller comics faved. Constantly. To this day. These smaller comics include the two Ballet Mice comics, The Rogue TF comic, the Tymbre comic, and in a smaller degree some Scarlet PI pages and some other miscellaneous ones. But the two Ballet Mice and the Rogue TF comic still keeps getting the lion’s share of the faves. Even Today! And all I can say is…What the Fsk?! I thought I was regarded as little more than a laughingstock. I thought I was thought of as Chris-Chan 0.8. I thought that nobody wanted to as much as look at me other than to mock me. I had to give up web comics because I keep getting flack about my personal
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Due to the recent developments with the use of Artificial Intelligence and the overreach with the vast amount of material on this site, I will no longer be posting new works on DeviantART. As a token of common decency and the current need to network (since I do not use that many social media sites as it is,) all existing works will remain here. You will still see me post updates on various projects, but they will be posted to other creative-friendly venues. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope that DeviantART would come to its senses and not make the same mistakes other social media has made. Though I doubt it.
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Hey there! Thanks for supporting me! 😍

If you're interested in commissioning a character, check out my commission table on my profile. Let's create something amazing together! 💕

DM me on Discord (LadyNuggets#3011) to discuss the details! 😉

Thanks for the fav. :)

Thanks for faving and watching~! ^_^

You're welcome. If you want to see more of Maid to Help and other future stories, let me know.

Hi. Do you accept art requests, art trades, or art collaborations?

If I were younger, I'd be glad to. But now? I'm afraid, and it saddens me to say this, but I've been done with art for a long time now.

Oh. I’m sorry to hear that.