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July 9, 2020
Deep Thirst by DaveWhitlam
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Deep Thirst

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SPEARHARD's avatar

Supping a Iberian at break time with your workmates....simple pleasure.

Tinselfire's avatar

Do you get to hear a lot of jokes about "food for thought"?

davincipoppalag's avatar

Wonderful imagination.. great stuff congrats on the DD

ObeyThemba's avatar
LindArtz's avatar

Oooo.. Very Creepy,.. with a darkness on a phenomenal level; evil, satanic, narcissistic. It contains all of that. It fills me with feelings that make me pray to God even stronger..

Well done! - whether the above mentioned was something you wished to convey or not, it's what the work did for me.

SketchMonster1's avatar
Fascinating design. Excellent detail and the color design is perfect for this piece. Awesome work.
JohnJenkins2315's avatar

Very surrealist. There was a famous painting that I cannot remember the name of that would have been perfect inspiration for this.

amanvermast's avatar
Wow what an idea!
sergey-ptica's avatar

Interesting. Is it digital art?

MedusaArts78's avatar

This is fantastic!

Redsterfish's avatar

Not talking about Bosch, maybe his son :noes:

Sure some medieval seeming and dressed figures there.

They´re not being tortured, not being killed.

Doing common things and looking desperate :|

Maybe some bridge ...where to? Bosch to surrealism?

Ancient characters for modern times...

Leaves a lot of space for interpretations. Hence amazing art.

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