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Sonic Graffiti

Because we just can't get enough of Sonic, right?

This time, our good hedgehog is done in graffiti style.

I guess you can tell this was not actually done the traditional way, it is just an emulation of the graffiti art. It was, in reality all done digitally.

I've always had the feeling (specially since Sonic Adventure 2 came out) that Sonic had a bit of the 90's street culture to it (pretty much like many SEGA games). And he does have some kind of "anti-authority" attitude. Which is in his personality.

I mean, Sonic is a dude who fights da powa, man, he fights against the clutches of the imperialistic badnik agenda and all, so I think graffiti would fit very well with the guy's style.

that's all
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not to mention that he can break dance.
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For a second I thought this a photo, it looks so real. :laughing: