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From the new Bestiary 4 for Pathfinder! Finally get to show.
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Wow, that is really terrifying. It's a shame it doesn't include a background scene.

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more like tikiBAANG because id fuck her haha just dropped a few spermies in my undis haha
Un0rth0d0cz's avatar
WHOA!!!! It's like a horse version of the witch from Left4Dead!!!
deideiblueeyez's avatar
What is up with the Philippines having some of the creepiest folklore...
KatorinGomesuKawaii's avatar
But you can tame it by plucking out the 3 golden locks of its mane, and he will be your servant for a lifetime. Like a genie
BaraJuju's avatar
Oh my gods! It's the horse demon from my ancestors' lore! They can be quite terrifying
Taonas-Deridran's avatar
"Don't look at me! I'm naked!!"
KatorinGomesuKawaii's avatar
LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MagicPastaTitans's avatar
It kind of makes me think of a Wendigo from stories my grandpa told me. That's pretty cool.
19SpaceCowboy91's avatar
You should submit that into a horror creature contest. That thing is without a aoubt, thee scariest thing i've seen in meh life
goosebumps.. fureel :X
JustJohn11's avatar
I'm gonna need a bigger gun... and a new pair of shorts 😖
Specter5Productions's avatar
....sleep is for the fucking weak anyway...
GuesssWho9's avatar
Looks rather kelpie-like to me.
NickMaster64's avatar
terrifying and threatening i give you five gold star :3
AlphaGodith's avatar
I am in love with this creature now that I know it exists. It looks like a more monstrous and evil version of my sona!
Brookfan's avatar
I searched the game or whatever it is... But I still have no idea what it is.. :s What is bestiary 4? :S 
zatzika's avatar
shieeeet, filipino horse mythos monster! sick illustration man!
JohnFensel-117's avatar
Fuck,just opened this thing when I heard a loud noise outside...Ok,I didnt want to sleep anyway. Altough,I love the details,they're pretty cool!
MattCovert's avatar
How did you get Sarah Jessica Parker to model for you??
Brookfan's avatar
Omg I laughed so hard.. :"D 
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I was thinking the same thing
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