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Long time no post. Here's my entry for the new Creature challenge over at CGHUB.
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Magnifying Glass I like the colors you chose for those swiftwings. I certainly would like to find out how they live and what they like to eat.
Midway2009's avatar
Awesome creatures! :jawdrop:
Spoof-Ghost's avatar
you've got such unique and awesome creatures :) love it
Nicholas300's avatar
:) (Smile) you've come up with some the most brilliant and surreal creatures i've ever had the chance of looking at,:) (Smile) 
keep up the good work
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apexcoon's avatar
Really gorgeous! Love your choice of colors for the creatures, too !! 
IvanRostoff's avatar
birds of prey know they're cool
SilverSirenSongs's avatar
wow, your artwork is actually rather inspiring, makes me want to start creating my own creatures :D
Davesrightmind's avatar
Cool, thanks! Go for it!
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The thoroughness of your vision is daunting. Beautiful work.
bluehollywood's avatar
What are the spikes for around the head
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They're more like flared feathers. They use them to signal each other and show interest in the ladies. Kind of a physio emotional thing.
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That picture is so beautiful, it evokes so many strange feelings, like a forgotten dream.
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I love the whole look of this painting, awesome work!
bear48's avatar
I love the way you use color
DymondStarr's avatar
Wonderfully done. Great imagination!
The colors, the creatures are so great.
But might I add, I think if you changed your background up a bit it may enhance it further.
Just a thought. :)
Toobworm's avatar
Wow, I love the colors, and how strange the creatures are!! :)
the long neck and head give it a layout reminiscent of ahzdarchid pterosaurs; I like that. the toothlike projections on the wings are also an odd feature, that I assume are for gripping something.
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Really alien creature.
AdrianeInnisNeill's avatar
wow, I´m speechless :wow:
I mean -in a positive way. those creatures are so fascinating- cool!
I didn´t realize those in the left corner were young ones at first glance, totally mistook them for plants.
ah, and the colours look so natural.
(not that I know much about colours. I´m totally oblivous to how to use them or even paint a picture- but still- well done! ;P )
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Really appreciate it Adrian. I like to include elements that the viewer may not notice until the 2nd or third time they look. Keeps 'em coming back back for more, know what I mean? Your illustrations are pretty amazing themselves. It's rare that I get to see such control with the traditional media, especially black ink. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look. :)
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