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Space Plasma Bug

This critter spends its life in space, plasma weapons and a plasma core allow it to cut into ships and devastate whatever comes across its path.
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just what I needed.
more space bugs.
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really concept and cool picture, great :) (Smile):) (Smile)
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Love the design on this thing
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*suits up, gets his weapon ready, and prepares to fend off the bug* come get some you "freaky alien genotype"
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Very very nice! Great job!
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Your work is amazing you should host it on Behance
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very metroid ish
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Hmm plasma is terribly hot. How does it handle this power?
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actually there is non-thermal plasma it isn't all insanely hot. remember there are plasma balls
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If the organism did harness non-thermal plasma or cold plasma it wouldn't be as effective at devastating things that come into its path as the description leads it to be. Cold plasma itself can be touched by human hands and cause no visible damage. Right now it is being applied to fruit purification, viral cures (experimental), and odor remover due to how it interacts with substances on a molecular level. 

Still I'm sure for a creature that lives in the void of space using cold plasma would be excellent for mobility. Similar to how certain space crafts use bursts of air to tweak direction.
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well different elements change state at different temperatures so maybe its something that's still hot but not too hot
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I love it!
Does it live on asteroids and what does it feed on when there are no ships?
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I imagine iron ore deposits on asteroids would suffice. I made it for a RPG called "Chronicles of the Void". They should have a great description. Although the website seems to be under maintenance.
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Just curious, how big would this be in real life? Approximately.
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Where can I get one? XD So cool!
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This is freaking awesome!
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looks awesome!!
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realy realy gooood ,i like this thing
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Okay, I saw this on Creature Spot and wanted to cry myself to sleep. How awesome is this one. How did I miss it?
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