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Umm, it's a pokemon...even though I swore never to do another.
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lol please do another
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And this reminds me of the times where I slaughtered unevolved Pokémon with my Hydreigon in BW. He's in my Retired box in the PC but still an absolute monster.
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great hydreigon art, also did you know that Hydreigon was originally going to be a cyborg Dragon?, the tank tread-like markings on it's belly are a remmant of that, would you even draw a cyborg Hydreigon?, it just sounds cooler than the normal Hydreigon.
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mouseanderson|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(translation: If I live through this Ash is a dead man.)
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MorganHowell's avatar
i freaking love this!
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this is beautiful. As a serious pokemon fan I love this!
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vampirekingroxis|Professional Digital Artist
I want to hug it, no I'm not joking.
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Rabid-Fangirl212|Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are no words. Just wow. Gorgeous Hydreigon ;__;
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Ryua|Hobbyist General Artist
Epic Hydreigon. And that poor Pikachu going "Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuu..."
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JakeTheDragonKnight|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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RedLotusPony|Hobbyist General Artist
Pikachu: Oh shit...
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that neck and jaw adds a whole nother level of evil to this thing, which is plain awesome
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arvalis|Professional Digital Artist
Thats a really cool head and neck shape on the main head.
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Davesrightmind's avatar
Woah, sorry for the late reply, thanks a lot! Means more than you know coming from one such as yourself. Especially when it comes to Pokemon. I'm honored.
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Lunetea|Hobbyist Writer
Pikachu's all like,"Well shit".
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*Pulls out a leash* I... Want... It...

And also, Pikachu's expression XD Priceless!

ANYWHOO~! I like the fact that you made the main head more detailed as well as bigger and badder than the other two. But even more than that, I love those effing wings! HOLY CRAP! I don't know how the f- they work for flight, but I won't question it. I'll just catch it. COME 'ERE!
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this is awesome!
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ethan-k793|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Mistress-DarkLoki|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh that's awesome! And I luv the look on pikachu's face!!!! XD lol
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Pikachu's expression is PRICELESS!
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Zabaso|Student Artist
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PokeFaktory|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wooow, awesomenessss !!!!
Totally *fav
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Cool, thanks!
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