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Fairy Hunter

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"Hunting fairies day and night, the fairy hunter is quite a sight."
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Thank God there is a predator for all those Damn faries!!!
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Finally! We shall at last be rid of Tinkabell!!!
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This is so disturbing yet oddly enchanting. Absolutely stunning and wonderful!
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Those weird little caterpillar legs seriously freak me out worse then anything in your wonderful gallery >.< Does anyone else find them freaky?
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Color is Amazingly done and thought out. The wings are amazing
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Thank you! Those wings were challenging.
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This is amazing.. I love the front legs, they look really cool. :D
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Thanks! For some reason, a lot of my guys have long weird legs.
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A quadruped that flies on insect wings? This is a really awesome concept, one I've never seen before.
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Thank you! I do my best to be different.
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Beautiful, and a bit creepy- although considering the behavior of some of those fairies from the old stories, the fairy hunter is doing us a good deed!! The fairy in the hunter's mouth and the spilling fairy dust is perfectly demented, and the design of the creature is both logical and quite pretty. Nice work!! :)
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Thank you so much! Who says heroes have to be pretty? ;)
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I've read the Brothers Grimm, and I've looked up other, old versions of "fairy tales". That Fairy Hunter is doing a good deed.
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I've read them too. Absolutely a blessing, this creature.
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Keeping balance, fairies can be sometimes real bitches lol
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Yeah, fairies are pests aren't they? I'll do my best to keep F'n them up.
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I just noticed the fairy in its mouth... slightly disturbing, but appropriate. XD
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Yes, wouldn't be a proper pic without some action.
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Nice! Awesome! :D
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Thanks buddy. I really consider that to be one of the greatest compliments.
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