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Executioner vs G-Type CM

Second entry. I've always loved the notion of two baddies facing off. In this one we see the Executioner versus Curtis Miller after he's been transformed by the G-Type virus.(RE Degeneration, Film) Found him after doing some research online trying to find something(besides the giant in RE5) that would give the Executioner a run for his blood stained money. Wasn't really a lot of reference on him, so I had to go with a couple of pics I could find. Seems to have turned out okay. One more planned and I'll be done I swear.
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Thanks again for the support guys.

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I saw the poster and-knowing the other films-thought the movie would be a disaster, though seince Leon S. Kennedy was on the poster, it would be fair to put it to the test. Seing this film, it actually wasn't bad. In fact, compared to the other films, this movie was legendary! One thing I didn't expect was the G-Virus, but this is Resident Evil, what could you possibly expect?