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Alien vs. Pussycat

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I usually try to stay as far away from fan art as possible, but I couldn't resist pitting one of my favorite creatures of all times against something a little more down to earth.
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This is amazing!
My money's on the cat...
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Damn do I love this... wish it was higher res though so I could put it in my xenomorph wallpaper folder! <3
Poor Xenomorph.... Doesn't stand a chance...
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omg!!!!!!! <3 <3 <# <# 
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The problem is figuring out which one is the favorite!
the cat will win. I'm calling it.
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Cat's always win, even when they lose.
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momi momi buy me one! its so fluffy!!!!!
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Now I want one of the alien petting the kitty, because cute
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*writing in memo* Today i woke up ,and found a stupid aliean. I killed him and dragged him to my master's doorstep. Then i humped a pussy.
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I put 1000 Credits on the Cat. Let's get ready to rumble!
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that cat is serious.
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lol kittys gonna win >;3
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" Kitty Kitty, here kitty kitty..". Remember that line. Of course you do. Beautiful work on the Alien. Is it the dog xenomorph or a squatting humanoid one?. Cheers.
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I think it's a humanoid because it has the pillars on the back and the dog ones don't.
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Plz could I share this on my horror page? I will of course credit you and show a link to your page :)
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Great stuff! Gotta love those aliens, in the films they've always seemed to have a thing for household pets..
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eh, be free, my man.
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The cat is like "bring it on!"
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