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Zombie Dude

got bored and did a zombie lookin dude... more of a mock of how everyone on the forum I'm on draws this type of stuff. It would have been more of a joke but I got into it. anyways, about 2 hours or so photoshop.

he looks like the resident evil dude on purpose, it was gonna be part of the joke :-\
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Can I use this for a zombie token card?
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freaking awesome!
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Reminds me about Chatterer from Hellraiser film and Nemesis from Resident Evil.
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Nice - reminds me of the monster from Pan's Labyrinth :D
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Cool! oh! too reminiscent of resident evil 3 nemesis!
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that's so cool... I love it! :D
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Oh God Zombie Love!XD
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wooooooooow i would have beep beep yaaaaaaaa!!!!
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Reminds me of Chatterer from the "Hellraiser" films.
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Ah, I was always a sucker for faceless zombies. Nice work dude!
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Yeah, this is like Chatterer from Hellraiser :) awesome
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amazing job man, srsly this is epic win
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Incredible. Love the colours, the lighting, the dirty natural feel, the movement and that it seems to be a Nemesis/zombie hybrid.
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