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Based on some amazing Zaffino inks from Winter World
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I faved this horizontal, it shows how Wolverine is a masked, semi-chaotic neutral mutant that can't get his agent to find him a better wardrobe designer. Its B&W, but even in action pose Full Color, with this same cowl worn, it will show everyone the meaning of my 'statement'. That brow is exaggerated and its perfect to expose how its completely unneeded for his demanding character. Oh, the stories he tells with or without it upon his cranium.

The dusk had passed. New England area nearby the Fremont City Park, in fall of 1979.

The moonlit urban scenery is from the cloudless, crescent sliver above the big city to the east. His foot steps gain on the interviewer, the recent hero's success was against the 'Brotherhood' of the Magneto. So, as seeing how the limited silhouette of a fiendish cowl grew, reluctantly she was holding a camera with both palms and a few questions for him as a 'mutant' hero. She looks around, her nose points forward and sees him but she knows there is minimal danger.

Questions were somewhat not needed to get some early results . . . he stops before the spot of light on the roadway, under a the light pole.

"The name's Logan. I got a gift. Without it, I won't be here and my mates have bad taste in head wear . . . so, if you don't like it. Then don't write about it. Babe.", as he sniffed once at the focusing of her camera, he backs away from the view of the street lights before his bad habits invite a 'shing', and big spark while he held a sublime non domestic cigar or hand tailored blunt. Then an infamous smoker's cherry glows, second later he exhaled, " . . what else you wanna know?".
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Now THAT is how Wolverine should be portrayed. Period. No pretty boy, all beast!
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Niiiiiice, you captured the sense of my rage here. I do not wish my worst enemies when I see red~
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LOVE the shadows! :) (Smile) 
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amazing work as always
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I would pay to watch a new digital inking tutorial from you!I have all your current gumroad vids but this and the recent venom piece you did is killer Dave <3
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nice , digging the exaggerated cowl
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That looks so dope! I thought that looked like Zaffino!
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