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Wingnut and Screwloose

Wingnut & Screwloose of TMNT


Tutorial Videos!

Crimson Daggers
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He's almost creepy looking here.
johnson3014's avatar
thebigjb's avatar
Adored these characters.
kumnonta's avatar
Wow! That's one of the best pics I've ever seen!
wangqr's avatar
um.. how come this work won't show as a thumbnail o_o?
ChristianSamurai's avatar
I loved Wingnut in TMNT Tournament Fighters for the SNES! :D Good job. I love the ol' masked blood sucker's crooked...beak? snout? mouth? blood sucking apparatus? haha Whatever. It looks great.
GLMike77's avatar
I think(?) it's a proboscis...maybe?
silentboardwalk's avatar
dude, I completely forgot about these guys! You are so talented, homie.
ghostlychickenfetus's avatar
awesome my favorite is screwloose
archiesnow's avatar
Creepy as heck. Nice work!
this-is-dog's avatar
You've made these two characters look absolutely amazing. Wouldn't have thought it possible!
ajperryjr's avatar
Don't remember these Characters but the art is amazing
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
Hi dear Friend
This is an INVITATION to joint...!!!:heart:
Best regards
Rachaurux's avatar
I remember having these two as toys! Awesome looking!
ikotron's avatar
i have this toy.... XD
apemanenforcer's avatar
I had and loved this toy! Your rendition of them is inspirational
Skullflash's avatar
Nasty but nice i love it!
JoriB's avatar
WOW! Mind-blowing! This is so awesome!
LovelyLiar's avatar
..... You should do brain next!!! XD
:wow: I suppose it stands to reason that someone else must remember these guys but it’s none the less a wonderful feeling to have that fact proven. I’ve put you on watch, you’re just too good not to.
I mean this as a complement, if this was how they were portrayed in the comics or movies back in the day, I’d have probably been frightened of them. But in a good way, like I was frightened of movies like Jaws and Creature From The Black Lagoon. After all, I laughed :giggle: and squealed with glee :D just as many times as I flinched :faint: and groaned at those films.
I probably would have gotten over my fear of Wingnut a lot faster than Screwloose though. Bats are cute and Wing was silly, but a three foot tall mosquito with a decent IQ? Creepy!
sirdaveysockrocker's avatar
wingnut and screwloose never get the love they deserve. very awesome. omg mondo gecko next? hmm? hmm? maybe? jes?
Siansaar's avatar
holy shit i remember those guys now
ahahaha wowwwww
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