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January 2, 2011
Where Dem Dollas at by ~DavidRapozaArt Sarah-Valsheim states, "The angle, the perspective, the details are just stunning. Nice colour scheme, dynamic poses, impressive brush strokes ... do i need to say more?" No, actually, I think that pretty much sums it up! Check out the amazing digital works in the gallery of DavidRaposaArt!
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Where Dem Dollas at

Cover piece I did for Paizo publishing's The Haunting of Harrowstone. This is the start of a series I did around a horror theme!

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girlgunner's avatar
I guess the old guards think that prison is still in operation...
Kitpashka's avatar
I'm really love this style with using simply brushes, great!
Rwd4more's avatar
Love this one.. Faved!
KyleKayhos's avatar
this is so dynamic its ridiculous O_O so much movement i actually feel like i should get a sword and leap and kill my boss. sorry got off topic. this is amazing man
Bolgor's avatar
It's a fantastic and amazing piece of art. Congratulations for your work, you artist.
Mitch-el's avatar
Wonderful perspective, action poses, lighting, choice of hues, and overall atmosphere. Beautiful, beautiful work!
AlaiziaDarkstar's avatar
TotCzechowicz's avatar
that's awesome!!!
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
This is awesome!
X1zt's avatar
amazing like everything you do man !
finkybeatnik's avatar
Crazy Awesome Dave!
joeltonongkh's avatar
brilliant execution and angle...splendid!!!!
Pocky-o-clock's avatar
Dude totally love this and reminds me of the first quest my group I had did for our current campaign.
Superbum's avatar
Those chains really help to create movement and direct eye flow. Masterful composition.
lu2runko's avatar
Awesome is just a poor word to describe this....
chrisandrze19's avatar
TFSakon's avatar
Wonderfully hectic, displays a great amount of action, exemplified by the softer lines, and the skeletons do look particularly menacing.
flavioluccisano's avatar
Great Action Scene Dagger!
Alimore's avatar
I play Pathfinder and would hate to get into a situation like this. this artwork makes me feel like I'm really in the game again fighting my way out of a dungeon. I have to say, bad ass and great job
Nightmarecl's avatar
Beautiful work, has a good sense of overwhelming hordes of the undead, the scything chains do have a sinister feel to them. The two females warriors along with fox look quite good as a team, although it does look a but silly with the skeletons shatter amongst each other. Other than that minor complaint, the rest of it is quite good, well done, looking forward to more.
Landylachs's avatar
Amazing! The details and composition are splendidly active and engaging.
Love the title!
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