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What, you don't like Zepp?

By DaveRapoza
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Nice, it's Michael Shannon with a wig!
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hahaha i see it, it is a great painting of em
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you know who that is, man?

soldier: no

Brock F***in Sampson.

soldier: aw, cool! dibs on his cigarette butt!

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So much goodness here it should be illegal.
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I just love all the highlights on the skin so much <33
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Yeah venture Bros!
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Beautiful! Love it!
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Your portraiture is fantastic. I can't pick a favorite, but I do love Brock...
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Awesome! The Swedish Murder Machine has never looked better!
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And here I thought Frankenmullet could'nt get any more badass...... guess anythings possible. GO TEAM VENTURE!!
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Awesome Brock. I want Twenty-first in your style!
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What a bad ass :D
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So this is what Brock'd look like if he was a real-life person...
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O_O Umm.... this is just too bad-ass to talk about how bad-ass this is.... (Yes I am aware that the sentence made absolutely no sense. Which proves just how bass-ass Brock Sampson is.)
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Oh God, RUN!!!
This is amazing.
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"You don'y know what any of that means, do ya Hank? You're just having fun with your hands." Brock F*cking Sampson!
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Awesome but um isn't the shard of glass in his neck really close to his artery
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He's the Brockness Monster, he can take it.
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Lol that is true I mean he did have helpers head stuck in his chest and he didn't complain. Well maybe a little at first.
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