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Victorian... princess?

By DaveRapoza
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character illustration I did for commission not too long ago. :)
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Lovely picture!!! The clothes are awesome and really cool, but what I really love is the detail on the sword guard... hilt... thingy, whatever it's called XD I love it!!
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Amazing character design, and the sword is incredible!
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I love the way you depicted the time period on this, and the use of warm colors.
The ruffles are such a nice touch, and aren't big and load but they give the outfit a light feeling like feathers. I just love it!
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very well done. i hope to see her more.
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cool ^^
she looks like an RPG character!
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This. This this this. I have been looking for this as the next character art in a RPG. It's prefect. Usually when you see a piece of art on deviantart it's always so perfect, so idealistic, like from a Hollywood movie. But this carries weight, it has this murderous determination in her eyes, grace in movement, elegance in posture. Loving it.
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I love this piece. Her blade complements her outfit perfectly.
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The blade, the wear, the simplicity look me likey lol
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awesome (like alll yor work)
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Very beautiful.
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Wow...again...looks amazing!!!
Such a good design!!!
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ah this is really pretty, i adore Victorian fashion. And that sword to me, seems that of fencing with the way the handle is. eee, i'd love to see more of this.
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this is really nice! my type of design. Her face looks good too and that's the most important thing to me lol.
great stuff man!
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You MUST make your own artbook.

I love the golden details on thighs, arms...
No words to describe how much I like your drawings.
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I don't know, maybe after this game comes out, I believe the boss dude said he'd be makin one. Thanks a lot!
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Keep my fingers crossed !
Keep giving us nice art man !
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Beautifully done. great work!
Love the colour scheme.
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This is a great piece of work and I think my favourite in your gallery.

I especially like the fact that even in armour (I'm seeing her as a knight or bodyguard to the queen) she is still feminine without loosing the sense that she knows what she's doing with that sword.
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