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Troll priest

By DaveRapoza
Troll commission :), not sure on the hours, but not all too long.

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You don't see too many Troll priests, but this is COOL
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Jace Hall - I Play W.O.W Music Video…

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Most Current Recount (Damage Meters WoW) (Do Damage?)…

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i'm so jelous of your skill! :( well done! :3
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nice but the color of the lighting on her is wrong :/
BAMF. Finally a female troll who doesn't look like a belf with blue skin and tusks. Kudos.
SchattenLotus's avatar
Woooaah =O

She looks like she is going to kick somes Asses reeeeall tough... xD
SiK-13's avatar
Awesome job!
michaelndubois's avatar
Very well done! I'd love to see what you can do with the new Troll Druids.
Chouuu's avatar
hey dude ;D
Great job! Love the way you make her very stong and magical!
And its also nice to see, that you give her another trollface as the young and beautiful one. ;D
Love it!
Kaze-Kuroki's avatar
I love how purple she is. :D
muruug's avatar
That's just plain awesome,mon:)
Rieul89's avatar
OMG!! very nice!
MadPillow's avatar
HolyElfGirl's avatar
Wonderfull O___O
Bunkinator's avatar
Epic! It's good to see some trolls out there =D
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Duessa's avatar
Amazing! Love the lighting effects.
Lorcar's avatar
Absolutely amazing - mate btw don't you draw pictures for WoW TCG? Coz your style looks exactly as if it were from the TCG :P Great job anyways... bravo
MistressBreeder's avatar
that is just amazing! you did a fantastic job with her lighting, I mean the entire piece is beautiful and I could go on for ages about it but the lighting just really stood out to me. Again excellent work!
skigfx's avatar
sheez beautiful
Rashkah's avatar
Absolutely amazing. Just thef act that it isn't the canon female troll everyone tends to draw makes the picture even more amazing. Action and movement perfectly caught.
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