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Thrash Zombie Video

Thrash Zombie speed paint process :). Was a lot of fun, couple hours... reduced to 6 minutes in the video :).

Sorry for the horrible quality in the video!
Video!!! Full Screen it :D!

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you removed the video?
too bad
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very impressive work ... You are welcome on "Action-Portraits"...!!!
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What happen to video? You've removed it?
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What's happen to video? You removed it?
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O_______________________________________ ______O
holy shit.
thats it. two words. holy shit-i mean crap-poop x_X
dammit i want the songs in that video but i cant find them anywhere ;_;

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Yea, you can buy their albums on amazon or on their website. Theyre not that popular I guess, which sucks! I saw them in concert a few years ago and they were compeltely awesome!

Anyways, thanks!
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O_O i want their album. yeah i know it sucks! their music is so damn good XD damn they would be so good live

and your welcome ^_^
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Hey, from one Metalhead to another. Fantastic!
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I saw the video. Geez. It's like super sugar rush painting. It was great, though, because I'm getting photoshop and other programs in a box set, so that was a good demonstration of what I may be doing before too long.
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He got a little somthin in his face
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Ah, eyecandy. Nice to see how you work too.
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Amazing video and zombie! Thank you so much for this!
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Realy, realy neat speadie this, love the rendering!!
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yeah thank you for sharing this :D
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:horns: Great video and great spped !
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Just one word,
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Thanks for sharing the painting process with us :)
Amazing painting! How long did you take for it?
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Awesome! I love this stuff and you really make it pop off the screen with such gory details and great expression! Disgusting, grotesque, wicked, gruesome...just how we love it! Superb work!
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WOW, that looks so amazing >.<
I love the movie, really nice technique
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