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Thor Cover

By DaveRapoza
This concludes my Avengers set for now! Hope you like it :)!
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for glory and honor
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If I could capture the power emanating from this picture, I could power my own Asgard.
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OMG.. most impressive.. Thor = teh greatist Marvel Comics superhero
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This is the look I'd hoped for in the cinematic marvel universe. More warrior/barbarian, less eye candy.
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I love your artwork, checked out the whole gallery.  Your portraits of marvel characters are beautiful.
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I'm loving your versions of Avengers!
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Viking Metal Loki!!!
So awesome :)
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I love the inking, pose and 'old school' comic feeling and tone you gave him. Also the God..THE REALISM!! 
Artgasmic work!
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Thor looks so giant here, just like I remember from the old comics, great rendition man.  Curiously, how long do you spend on these now days?
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Very Impressive look and the gritty edge in style gives it character! I admit to not always being a fan of this style but for certain characters it makes them have more flavor!
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Bared Asgardian arms ftw.
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Please do a Black Widow.
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Damn this is good! 
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Hulk was awesome, this is even better!
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damn! why are you so awesome?! hahahah
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theCHAMBA  is this dude only rival on here, this guy and him are killing it
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