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TMNT Sketch Collection!

By DaveRapoza
Series of sketches I did over the past couple days - Leonardo - Donatello - Raphael - Michelangelo 

Hope you like em!
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Totally badass!!! I printed it out for my 3 yr old grandson, who lives and breathes everything TMNT. Then I made a "frame" for it out of scrapbook paper that is made to look like old, red brick. Measured and cut the center out so the picture looks like their in a sewer. At least he thinks so, and that's all that matters. Thank you for your magnificent drawing. That little guy absolutely loves it, and frankly, so do I!! ~Gma~

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nice can you tell me advises to improve my character creation
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Wow! Outstanding job. :D
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I enjoy your sketches!!!
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So Cool Dave! Love these!!
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wow you are very talented im jealous
really great light and shadow work!

Any tips, or book recommendations?
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Awesome textures, shading and poses. Radical art, dude! lol
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these look awesome :)
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Awesome. Fantastic. Can you explain your process?
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Love the details, simply amazing
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Holy crap. This is why TMNT needed to be fully-animated, rather than a live-action/CG blend. It would have been awesome if the characters were stylized and actually looked like this.
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I like the balance between the textures. They seem quite rough, very realistic yet you've kept the cartoon nature of them somewhat.
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looks fantastic!!
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Seriously, though, I wanna buy prints.
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Great it pencil drawings? The detail is amazing and really love the pencil work...since there is where the magic resides.:D (Big Grin) 
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And this is how TMNT should be made, not Michael Bay's crappy mutant Shrek like
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