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Slash from TMNT!

just starting Series 2 of my TMNT portraits :)


Tutorial Videos!

Crimson Daggers
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I preferred the Slash action figure model over any of the others.  I was really happy to see the gloves and mask set back in the day.  And so disappointing that I NEVER saw him on TV.  His own appearances (in recap form) didn't live up to (or even match) his cool figure card bio.
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TMNT on steroids!
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Please tell me you take commissions, I have a project in dire need of your abilities :)
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yeah this image really looks cool. like it.
AxlReigns's avatar
Slash is cool. B-)
mozymoe's avatar
Dude... Fxck you. That's just me being jealous cuz im mad at how lazy I am and how amazing your work is at the same time. #inspired #beastmode #inktober
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Took me a few times to understand this was not slash from TMNT
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God damn this is beautiful
ryderdecade's avatar
Would like to see Slash in later movies.
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A realistic self potrait of leather head or kraang would be awesome btw love you're work
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All of these EPIC TMNT portraits are based on the 80s Tv Show version of the Chars not the 2012 Version just to clarify
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Is this the version of him from the 2012 series?
Ayyy-Imma-Ninja's avatar
to think in tmnt 2012 season, episode 7, this is going to be Raph's pet turtle O__e
anubis-x's avatar
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donde esta mi tortugita? quiero mi tortuguita!!!
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who is this guy i seen him before
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These would be savage prints!
xXGlamourousGloraXx's avatar
Ooooo...this is outstanding!
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Wow - such depth!! Amazing. And I really like the fact that you have tutorials =)
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dinosaur family????
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Wow, why hasn't Mirage or IDW hired you? :( This is super realistic. It should be on a special edition cover or something.
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