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Sketch Collection!

By DaveRapoza
Did these today and yesterday for fun between calls/painting. From left to right - Goku - Superman - Wolverine - Megaman - Nightcrawler - Nebula - Thor - Cyclops
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which show nebula from?
ghostbusters5's avatar
I really love how you drew them realistic!!!
KotahlKahn's avatar
I loved the Rockman/Megaman.
Fatal-Jay's avatar
goku and Cyclops look sick, great job
zJoriz's avatar
I agree! Goku looks better than the original, I'd wager.
TFSakon's avatar
Powerful characters. I particularly like the Thor.
brise-fer's avatar
MEGAMAANNNNNN!!! :iconshakedogplz: :heart::heart::heart:
That Goku is incredible. Like, if there ever was an American made DBZ comic, THAT is how he should look.
Code-E's avatar
Your art never stops being amazing.
Bonorye's avatar
great sketch-work.
TheGreatGod's avatar
celyne's avatar
That is a sexy Goku!
Farc0n's avatar
These Sketches are totally badass, please do more! That rough style has a complete own character.
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just wanted to drop in and say hello.. Ive watched most of your videos on youtube and I find them very helpful.  I like the little perspective grid trick with the polygon tool.  very helpful indeed.  You are a huge inspiration and I aspire to be where you are at one day.
Hopefully-Creative's avatar
Holy Crap this is epic!!! The linework in the drawings is just so beautiful and full of emotion. really fluid and expressive drawings..would love to be able to draw like this!
jonothesequal's avatar
This is fantastic
fifi-kawaii's avatar
i liked Megaman he's so cute :3 
ChrisIwanski's avatar
Love it.  Great MegaMan!!!
Bleu-Ninja's avatar
Great stuff - I especially like Superman, Mega Man, and Nightcrawler.
JingleHimerSchmdt's avatar
that Goku and Megaman. Oh my god.
AeroHybrid's avatar
Marvel, DC and DBZ...AWESOME!!! :D
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