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Skeletor of Masters of the Universe!

I'll be doing a very limited print run once I've finished my entire Masters of the Universe and Akira series.

TMNT prints series all sold out!


Tutorial Videos!

Crimson Daggers
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He looks absolutely fantastic. Man who became Skeletor had his face taken by sinister source which granted him great power in exchange for something he held dear and obligation to spread misery and terror wherever he is. Texture and yellowish tone of bone tells of its realism and small trickles of blood indicate something. In my head Skeletor's birth was painful and traumatic as his body was forced to flay his own face and there still are strands of flesh dangling around. He has grown accustomed to shockingly expressionless visage he now possesses.

Hi, is the original art

for sale? My email:

Great great work! Do tou have a portrate like thi of a He Man?

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How incredable. This impresses me extremely.
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Amazing and stunning me is in love with a skull now
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Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor Skeletor                                 
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oh my jesus this is AMAZING
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Best Skeletor ever!
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i worship skeletor :happybounce: 
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I would say Megatron. The guy ravaged his own planet to the point that all had to leave.
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