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Sikh inspired Character Concept

By DaveRapoza
So happy to finish this, he's a Sikh inspired character concept I did to play with mixing cultures and adapting them into a Final Fantasy 9 type aesthetic but with more realism
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I'm telling you man I could just get lost in this mans Turban alone, solid work though.

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The colored version of this is great, but there's always a special place of respect for the raw lineworks and grayscales.  nice work
RemyArtt's avatar
Holy s**t this is amazing!
VenusianShadow's avatar
Damn, the detail and intricacy tho...
SingleCoreMaverick's avatar
Must bow to the skill and mastery that I dream to one day achieve! AWESOME!
alexrecoba's avatar
TonyNeva's avatar
Second time seeing this and literally the best
R1ck-00's avatar
Can't believe how many details are there in this picture! o.O
Amazing! No matter how much I zoom in: the details are simply perfect!
WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar
Ornate design and incredibly detailed piece, fantastic work!
IvannaMatilla's avatar
This is insane.
You're insane. But a genius. Incredible work!!!!!!!!!!
Gardon's avatar
wow so much detail!
JPrimeau's avatar
God the amount of painstaking detail on this piece just blew me away how many hours did you spend on this?
The-Divine-Fool's avatar
wow texture GOALS my g. excellent work <3
clovercarmen5's avatar
that's alot of jewelry!!!!
jakubaltay's avatar
This is breathtaking. How long did it take you to draw this, if I may ask?
Pedro8360's avatar
WoW i don't know that to write... this is just amazing!
ShahzebKR's avatar
I love with this  :)
Vandal030's avatar
I love the details, an excellent piece of work, great job.
Payo-X's avatar
Gloriously detailed! And such a fascinating character feel. I want to talk to him!
gregor-kari's avatar

wow! that's amazing!

ROTROTT's avatar
I can't wait to see with color! 
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