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Resident Evil 2 Zombie

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Woooooooooow! O.O Dude you kick ass!
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AWESOME!!!!! Love the texture!
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Nice! Love the texture you've captured.

Great work.
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Mr Delicious, how's it hangin?
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Great zombie face. Super detailing. Good job!  If you get time please give feedback on some of my work. 
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Freaking excellent, sir!
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Wow, that's really impressive! Very well done!
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Look at me choppers!

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now that is a unique style!
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Wow! So badass! You're the man, Dave.
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hello is it me you looking for

sorry I have to to it
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YOUOUUUUUU is all I here when a zombie notices you.
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Quite a detailed piece! Astounding work, my friend :)
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:D Was really cool seeing you work on this on stream. Excellent as always :D
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