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Thanks for the nightmare fuel
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NICE!  The most realistically 'turtle-y' I've ever seen the boys.  Very good work!
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Some ass is copying you work again and claiming it.…
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Great work. I thought I would take a second to see if you were aware your image is being used in an internet add. Hopefully you have been compensated for you amazing art but I have heard of so many people having their works used with out permission that I though I would check.
Saw your work at this url…
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This is so amazing. I've added this to a folder where only a select few favourite favourites go. You've inspired me to try this sort of thing again.

I hope one day we get a TMNT film using this design, to delete any memories people have of the Michael Bay film's messed-up turtles. Fuck that guy. Seriously.
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eres un genio
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this is the best!
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That's one scary ass Raphael. :D
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Your tmnt has been a big inspiration, here's my attempt at trying to create a tmnt of Ralph, I made sure to give you credit for the inspiration on my comments....…
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That is so awesome!!
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There are no words, no language on this planet to describe the badassness of this depiction of Raph! MAD SKILLS...un-be-lie-va-ble!!!
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hell yeah ! Far better than what they actually did at Activision's ! 
Would be great to have a full scale version, with the feet and all (don't know how to say that in English)
Still, really epic ! Love the rest of the team btw, but Raph is my favorite :)
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My childhood is ruined

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we tottaly need a dark liveaction movie, highlighting how kool the NY punk gangs were in the late 80's
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Your art is majestic. 
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Great work, love all the details, coloring and stuff. Eye candy !
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you really gotta make this series as 11X17 prints. Amazing stuff :heart
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