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Quick Thrash Goblin

By DaveRapoza
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Just did this dude last night after freelance. Couple hours photoshop with my wacom intous 3.

***For more insight into my process/mindset check out my blog ***


***I'll be updating often with video tutorials soon :)***

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lol sorry for putting like all of your work in one folder of my favs im just low key obsessed with your style and art
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This guy screams badass. :]
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Looks like nosferatu of Vampire Masquerade[link]
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*SCREAMING* Yes ! Im Not Alone !
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This is so badass and so you! I just stumbled apon your work today and I have to say it's VERY inspiring! You mentioned your use of wacom intous 3... I've never used a pen tablet before but i'm looking into it.. what would you recommend to someone who is trying to get into the graphic design field? Is the Bamboo Pen and Tablet as good? Any help is appreciated! Thanks and keep up the AMAZING work!
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Kick Ass man
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The greatest badass goblin i ever seen! You are awesome!
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Love it! It's a great concept. The face is very three dimensional, and I love the sketchy feel of the rest of him (it gives ambience, and almost looks like he's standing in night-time fog penetrated by the headlights of a car from the back). I like to see faster works from people.
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...looks a lot like the new johnny napalm design :L but this is awesome
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Thats funny, I almost worked for the guitar hero guys a while ago :D
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heh but yeah it looks a lot like the new napalm
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man, your stuff is too cool
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OMG! love it! :) lol
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he is awesome =D
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check your mail mate! congrats 4 the work...realizing u made it in just couple of hours kills me (thats good I ll work even harder now!!)
PS the books u suggested rocks!!!
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I love his expression !!!
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you make me speechless every time mate!

Keep up good work!
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