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Part of my X-Men series!
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Awesome style -- very jim Lee like, but with less crowding in ink and you let the colors breathe more than he does. Really great look...
ShaperOfThings's avatar
Yes, this is Psylockes expression, strong, measured and stoic.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Love how you do these busts artwork! Psylocke being one of my favorite X-Men, you did her justice! 
ariwolfy's avatar
Absolutely STUNNING 😍
OriginalNick's avatar
Man!! Those colours that you use.. 
MercedesTheMuse's avatar
love Psylocke, love this
ArkenWaves's avatar
Really like your art ! 
Cronossra's avatar
I've always had a thing for Psylocke.
Great job :)
Delofasht's avatar
Psylocke was one of my all time favorite comic book characters, she is the primary reason I was interested in art.  Literally, drew her terribly for years before I realized I should get better at drawing.  Thanks for sharing your amazing rendition, your works have been an inspiration to me in years long since past, and I'm glad to have found your DA page at long last.
Escanda's avatar
Omg, it is SO HARD to not favorite all of your X-Men series! It can't be helped, I'll just favorite them all =P (Razz) 
TheRealJayDee's avatar
Seriously, I had the same problem. I managed to stop after Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke and Cyclops, but they're all damn amazing! :worship:
TheRealJayDee's avatar
Ah, screw it, I added Beast, Gambit and Nightcrawler as well. ;)
radraccoon's avatar
Psylocke was always one of mt favorites.  I like how you've drawn them almost like the designs for busts. NOT THAT BUST!!
Obsidiron's avatar
AKA The ex-girlfriend of Deadpool... still don't know why he left dat ass.
Ignifero's avatar
Great stuff!!
Al of them ^^U
PsychoGemini's avatar
My number one favorite female X-Man.  Rogue is a very close second.
nahuel-amaya's avatar
Love this series!
sanshugroove's avatar
Nice!! My favorite of the X-Men!
BlackKusanagi's avatar
Splendid Betsy good sir!
maxsatan's avatar
love her expression

Jordinho13's avatar
Must. Have. Wallpapers.
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