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I've recently uploaded my complete 15 hour "Orc - Realistic Portrait Tutorial" w/Full Commentary to my Gumroad!

If you'd like to learn how I go about sketching, planning my lighting, rendering forms and building textures, it's only $10 and covers every step in real time throughout the entire process in a 5 Part video :).

Included w/Download -
-My Brushes
-The Full Layered PSD
-15 Hour 5 Part Video w/Full Commentary
-33 Minute Basic Breakdown of the technique

Hope you like it! 

If you'd like to check out more of my $5-$10 tutorials, Click Here :D!
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hey dude! you had an amazing work here! well done! Do you think i should change something to my orc for making it real like yours?=) cheers, Gallex

Cyber bear head
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similar to Samuel Jackson
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Excellent painting!
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Spend 30-40 hours with your Orc Tutorial by now. Im still really a beginner and my knowledge of anatomy is lacking alot. However this is my result:

The Downfall of Weylam Roth by Jugles
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Really good image. Love it.
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Watched the gumroad man, u're awesome! Very inspiring and helpful.
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Sometime I feel it's everywhere

thank You
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This is why Orcs will and always will be my favourite race
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I love the detailed piece. It's a very interesting use of human and non-human features. Very subtly done.
I like the posing as well. he looks disgruntled, and almost furtive with his sideways glance.
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owned, bro what size of monitor do you use??.  the icons looks pretty smalls
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You can feel the anger from the orc at what he is staring at, conveying a story with the lighting and angle it sets the mood of his personality.  Very nice :)
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Orcs orcs orcs. They hate everything except drinking and fighting and hyper realistically stylized portraits of themselves. :D
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Awesome work, I will be getting the tutorial for sure!! 
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love your stuff
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That's a proper lookin Orc right there. :lol:
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