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Metal Gear Solid

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" like adventure games?"

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Great work! Seems like a movie poster.

incredible art of one of my favorite game series. You really bring out everything that makes the series great in your art. Incredible skill and artwork. Mama mia! I give my life not for honor, but for youUUUuuU

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Strong Noriyoshi Ōrai vibes, i love it <3

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One of the best video games ever made. No way you didn’t own this if you had a PS1. Fantastic work!

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I love this piece. An awesome love letter to the game.

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This is the best piece of Metal Gear fan art I have ever seen. There are so many characters depicted here and yet they all have been done justice. I love the sadistic smirk on Ocelot's face, I love Otacon's mournful expression, I love Meryl's fiery hair, I love how mysterious Liquid Snake looks, and I love how Solid Snake's bandana flows in the wind. And the vehicles are the icing on the cake. That beautiful Alaskan night sky over the tank is a nice touch too. When I see this it makes me think of old SNES game box art. Mission accomplished, S rank!

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That's rad as hell
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Why didn’t they give snake a gun in smash brawl?

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Could liberals stop censoring female and ruining white male characters in fiction for literally just 5 seconds.

Every big franchise has been ruined by you emasculated cucks and men hating tumblr whales.

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Awesome job! What a great piece.

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great artwork i really like it so stay strong and keep it up ok long hugs from portugal xd big one xd

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I always forget about the Octopus character. He croaked whilst LARPing as DARPA Chief right?

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>Marvel cuck artist who already ruined comics with all his woke censorship garbage set his eyes on video games to censor it next and ruin that as well

I wonder if video games will be killed by feminists like you in 5 years like the comic industry.

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Wow, you are one overly sensitive snowflake, huh?

This feels like YouTube comment section all over again. Nice motherfucking job.
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>snow flake

the left truly can`t meme

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